Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your butt is awesome

So Genea comes home from school today. She is in her usual mood. Which is, she has held herself together all day long. Despite the obvious efforts of other students to mess her day up by being absent or whatever, she can usually stay calm on the outside. When she gets home, she has to let it out and so she finds something to be upset about, has herself some wango tango time, then gets over it. Today, she had her after school wango tango but was still sniffley and pitiful later. I asked her if she was ok or did something happen at school today? Here is what she said.
Genea " Kid 1 and kid 2 said to me your butt is awesome"
Me (trying not to laugh hysterically) "they did huh, what did you do"?
G "I told my teacher and she said not to worry about it but she talked to kid 2"
M "Well, hmmm, umm, saying the word awesome means something is good. I think they were trying to say something nice"
G "No"
M "Yeah, well think about it. When you say something is awesome does that mean you like it or don't like it?"
G "I don't like it"
M *sigh* ok. "Well okay, if it makes you feel uncomfortable when someone says that then they should stop. But try not to bother the teacher with tattling unless someone is going to be bleeding".
G "Okay. Next time they say my butt is awesome I am going to annoy- r them"
M "You're going to.... oh! Ignore them. Good idea". Either way.


  1. My biggest nightmare is that someone is going to tell one of my daughters that her butt is awesome. You take it with such finesse.

    I'm taking notes on how to act when this happens to me.

  2. Okay that is pretty funny. My kids haven't gotten any compliments like that. However, Keats does get little girls' phone numbers from time to time. Hmmm, I wonder what he is saying to them to get their numbers?

  3. ooh my goodness! Ok wait a minute.. how old is Genea again? Kids are telling her butt is awesome @ her age?? Eek! But too cute that she was offended.. Good job handling that one mom!

  4. That little exchange made me smile.

    And, I tell my kids all the time not to tattle unless someone is dying or bleeding, otherwise I don't want to hear about it -- work it out amongst yourselves.

  5. Hi new here but thought I would drop a comment.
    Those kinds of comments send my hubby cowering in the corner. He is so afraid of the future with two little girls in tow. Very cute story!

  6. So, IS her butt awesome?
    I would have been thrilled when I was Genea's age to have a boy say that about my butt. Usually they said I was skinny and my glasses looked stupid. Then I'd tell them they smelled and their mothers got their clothes from John's Bargain Store. Then we'd go steady for a week before breaking up.
    Kids today, man!

  7. Thanks for the comment on my nursery. I can hardly wait for my baby girl to arrive! I love the story of how you got your two precious girls. They are beautiful. In about 30 years, Geanea will love to hear that her butt is awesome!

  8. Honestly and without bias I can say Genea's butt IS awesome. All that toe walking has paid off mightily. Ever try to toe walk? It just about kills me! Her calves would make Michael Flatley cry. Her legs and butt are rock solid, totally awesome.
    Genea is in kindergarten going into 1st grade. I think that while inappropriate, the kids were probably unaware of what they were really saying. I told her to change the subject to hamburgers if it happens again.


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