Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My local Target store rearranged their aisles.
I feel like someone broke into my home and was digging around in my stuff. Like they took all my canned food and put it in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Dumped my undie drawer out on the floor.
It was like being... being... in a ... a KMART!
(nothing against the K really, just they have let their stores get trashed)(now back to me)
I have been burgled. Perpetrated against. Victimized. The stupid vitamins and stuff are where my cool little sample size dollar stuff was. What IS that? Scootched the deorderant over by the door. Did us customers smell like we couldn't find it? Toothpaste is there now too- were we all looking crusty?
Not cool!


  1. I don't know what I would do if Target did that to me. The closest store to me is WM. They rearranged everything to try to make it look more like Target I guess.

    I was in a hurry and was hoping to just pop in and out. To this day when I have to go there I still can't find anything. argh.

  2. oh yeah... forgot to tell you. I'm not an accidental Mommy anymore. :)

  3. I HATE that - our grocery store did it and so frustrated me that I stopped shopping there...making me wonder - WHY did they think that was a good idea? Someone told me it is so people "wake up" to items they may not have seen before. I woke up all right. To the fact that I didn't need to get my exercise running around a grocery story! I could go to another one that didn't mess around with my mind!

  4. SO wrong.

    My grocery store which USED to have the juice organized by brand (good idea) suddenly organized it by flavor (bad idea) WITHOUT consulting me!

    I'm still reeling months later. And I can't find my juices.


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