Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Causes of Pain

I have lower back pain from an old injury many years ago. It comes and goes as far as severity. Last week I was having a bad pain day and I was trying to explain it all to Teena. You know, like, honey sweetie Mommy has a hurtie owie on her back. So Mommy has to sit here, like this, to make her owie feel better. Mommy is okay dont worry. Mommy will be fine. Mommy's boo boo will be happy as soon as she rests (for 9 years).

Teena: "Is it because you sat on your butt all day?"

Charming isn't she.

I believe I should be given a reward for the restraint I showed.


  1. Now is your chance for revenge by instilling guilt, the mother's friend.
    "No, honey. Mommy works very hard for you all day while you play and have fun. Mommy cooks and cleans and washes your clothes even though her back hurts very much. Mommy's back hurts from giving birth to you. But don't worry about it, even though Mommy's back hurts so much that it makes her cry."

  2. OMG - so funny! They are such little charmers, aren't they?

  3. Out of the mouths of babes! Thanks for sharing that. It kind of made my night!

  4. Miz Kizzle I am going to tell her that word for word. I read that over like 3 times laughing so hard! Ahh, guilt. What have I been thinking? I forgot totally about guilt as an effective parenting tool.

  5. oh sorry that i missed this post i hope that your doing better. how funny that she said that! I am forever explaining pain to Sarah but she askes to see it...of course there is nothing to see so she tells me its all better...nice but doesn't make it go away! :)

  6. YES... that was amazing restraint! LOL


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