Monday, May 4, 2009

Miscommunication (updated)

Ok, let me start by saying I am not complaining. Seriously. We have had a miscommunication here, but it is not a terrible one. Actually, it may have resulted in a slight advantage. One point to the parents here!

Yesterday, Genea earned herself 2 extra chores. So I told her to clean up the cat puke and sweep the stairs. This is something new I am trying, slightly more serious consequences for fits, tantrums and other disturbances to the peace. Now, our cats puke all the time. Hairballs, partially digested food chunks, whatever. I would not have her clean up a major mess, but this was a little chunk fully within her capabilities. And the stairs as well. We have wood steps and lint and dirt for miles comes to party and multiply on them. Evidently they all have relations in the night, probably drunk, and when we wake up the lint and dirt have given birth to tumbleweeds.

Woops, got knee checked by a tangent there. So, tick tick tick, time goes by and Genea is working her chores. I am making a special dinner with love and stuff. I go and check her chores and she has done well. We eat, etc. We are going off to another room as a family for the evening and we pass the cat litter boxes. Something is weird. Something is not right. What the.... where is the..... did she..... did she clean up the.... Hey Genea? Did you clean up the cats poop? Yes, she says.

Well I am laughing so hard I can barely walk. She did a great job. The Husband, he was beside himself. He starts excitedly whispering to me with spit flying out the corners of his mouth, "she can clean the poop! she can do it! she can start doing it now! " thrilled beyond measure that there is a potential apprentice to one of his chores. I gave Genea a great big hug and told her honey, I said puke, clean up the cat puke not the poop, the puke!

None the worse for any of it, she did not even care. She was just happy to be done with it. Unsolicited she told me, "I am going to try harder to behave because I don't want to clean the poop again"!

*** UPDATE***
Some folks wanted to know what happened to the cat puke. Well, Genea cleaned that too. Score !
I put in that part about my cooking as a sort of joke. Its a home cooked meal if it is cooked at home right? I can put love into my Italian- Asian Fusion style of cooking can't I? You know, its not easy to arrange those little Totino's pizza rolls just right. Not everyone can do it. Timing is as important as with a soufflee. There is a 10 second window between still frozen and burst all over the place. Only a pro would add a little oil to the casserole dish for a bit of crisp. HOOOO- Waahhhhhh!


  1. I was reading along all fine and dandy and stuff and then I choked on my own were cooking?!?!

  2. That is so funny!! Maybe she learned a little lesson in the mixup, huh? Now you all have your currency, anyway!

  3. Doing chores is a great tool for discipline. Our therapist recommends it for Dmitry as well - especially when he does something deliberate like coloring on the wall, he has to scrub it off himself....

    I don't have a cat, but Genea can come scoop poop in my back yard from my dog. :) Cute story.

  4. I'm with Torina. You were cooking?????? Did the world stop turning????

    Yay that she did the poop!! Hoping it's a motivating factor for quite some time...

  5. Pretty funny! But what happened to the puke, meanwhile?

  6. he he he!
    So cute. what happened to the puke? i guess the cat ate it? or did someone spep in it...yuck.
    sarah thought the other day that we where having Cherries for dinner as i had told her we were having Curry...
    Go figure. she was rather unsure and ask me...cherries mummy, and pointed to her top that had cherries on and to the currry and looked like really this is the same thing?

  7. I thought I was smart having the 9 and 10 year old do dog and cat poop only to be mortified to discover that 1.) those disposable gloves I give them for the job just get chucked into the poo bag on the way out the door and 2.) If the scooper isn't working the way they think it should, it's a-okay to pick up the poo with your bare hands and chuck it in the bag that way.

    Ewwwww. I'm sure they heard me in neighboring states when I discovered that.

  8. Ahh the art of cooking pizza rolls!



  9. You're too funny. My first thought was also, "wait...what is she cooking?!"

    And a four year old who cleans up cat poop/puke? Awesome! It's like karmic payback for the all the pee of hers you've had to clean up.

  10. 6, she's going to be 6 really soon.
    Great point! Its all fair in the end what with her pee and the cats poop!

  11. Could she come and live at our house? We have 2 cats, and man, those kitties are prolific poopers. Good heavens - I have to scoop EVERY DAY??? I thought I was done taking care of other people's/cat's poo.

  12. Could she come and live at our house? We have 2 cats, and man, those kitties are prolific poopers. Good heavens - I have to scoop EVERY DAY??? I thought I was done taking care of other people's/cat's poo.


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