Monday, June 20, 2011

peace signs are silly

Teena wants to know....... why do you need a sign to tell you to pee? That's silly, right Mama? People don't need a sign to tell them to pee, people already know to go pee. Right? Right Mama? Why is there a whole sign just for pee? That's just silly, right Mama? Silly.

Right Teena.

Get it? PEACE ! PEE- ce! Pee! It's a PEE SIGN!

Did you get a little snort out of that? A tiny giggle?

I am in this contest for the Top 25 Adoption Blogs and I was holding a place in the top 10, which was great. But now, I am getting a little upset because I have dropped to place number 11. Yes, that means I will still win in the contest, however I had hopes of doing better. See, I know that about 800-900 people have been here daily since the contest began and yet only about 50 people are taking less than 5 seconds to vote for me (to the 50.... MWAH! LUV U!!!). If that means I suck and I just don't know it, then by all means keep your clicky fingers still. Am I really William Hung and clueless?  I could really use the encouragement of votes in these last 2 days of the contest. It's over Tuesday at 5:00

Is this me?????

Click here, scroll down and click the thumbs up next to The Accidental Mommy. It will take you probably 5 seconds and only 3 clicks to get in, vote and get out.

AND I PROMISE I WON'T SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I had a nice giggle because I say, "Peace" ALL.THE.TIME!!!!

    I have voted everyday and you are NOT William Hung-like!

  2. Ok, I had to LOL. That's hilarious. Sorry, I have forgotten to vote for a few days.

  3. I voted EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do I get a pony?

  4. Oh go on, sing ;)It's been a pleasure to vote, this is a great blog and great to see you in the top group!

  5. I love it! You gave me a much needed chuckle today.

  6. THANKS YOU GUYS! I made it in to the Top 25, so that's awesome!

    L, yes I have a pony for you. Ahem. It may look like a gray cat and may poop next to it's litterbox instead of in it, but really, it's a pony.

  7. Between having the chain pizza store Peace of Pizza near us, and owning a t-shirt that looks like a peace sign made of pizza, Noah was convinced that the symbol was a "pizza sign."

    It took some convincing to change his mind.

  8. She kinda has a point... but she doesn't know it. Why do we need a sign for peace either?


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