Commenting, where I beg

This is how I feel about comments. 

I feel very strongly that you should leave one.

I am all alone here pounding away at my keyboard and ignoring my household. I like to think that what I write is pertinent to someone, funny to someone, helpful to someone. However without comments it is only something I can wonder about. 

Then I get discouraged. 

So I would like to ask that if you have stopped in to read, that you make a little note of it. If you are genuinely commentaphobic, then I can live with that. But even if you just say, "the tedium of your words did not put me to sleep!" , or "hey, I was here and I read your post", it will make me so very happy.

Shallow it may be, but I've been called worse.

There is also the shameful issue of returning comments. I super suck at it. My problem is I want to read a large chunk of posts to get a feel for the writer and their topics to make an intelligent, well thought through comment. Then I run out of time. Please don't feel the need to leave an intelligent or well thought through comment or read through any old posts. JUST COMMENT!


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