Monday, December 21, 2015

"Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong"

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, something wonderful happens. I kinda' felt like I'd hit the lottery when a rep from Jessica Kingsley Publishers contacted me to discuss reviewing some of their titles. My excitement carried through my email  reply and I may have scared her a bit. I've followed them on facebook for years. The company specializes in adoption, fostering and parenting and so much more that we parents are invested in. I decided to just add their whole danged list of divisions.

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This is the book I read to review.

Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong was written by Gregory C. Keck and L. Gianforte. Gregory Keck was well known as the founder of the Attachment and Bonding Center of Ohio, and the author "Parenting the Hurt Child". Sadly, he passed away early this year. Co- author L. Gianforte served on the board of ATTACh, the Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children, and has a lengthy background in adoption as well. Both are adoptive parents.

I can't count the number of times I was reading and yelled out YEAH! to an empty room. Looking around for someone to fist bump while cheering. The authors get it. They get that it's hard. That most children adopted are coming from Child Protective Services or from orphanages and are traumatized. They point out how ridiculous it is that adoptive parents are so fervently blamed for their child's issues. That the current Strength Based model leads caseworkers to describe fully the best of the child while minimizing problems, creating a much larger problem. There's an entire chapter titled "Trauma: A Potentially Transferable Condition". They truly, deep down understand adoption  and that is incredibly validating to read. They describe some creative approaches, and there is a story about a teenager stealing money that had me laughing out loud at the cleverness of the approach.

The book is titled "Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong", however much is dedicated to building a strong adoptive family, and the talk is real. While it is valuable for adoptive families, I would highly recommend it as an educational read for folks who don't quite "get it". Anyone who has withstood criticism from extended family, teachers, therapists, neighbors and friends could easily gift this book to increase their understanding. I'll personally be doing just that.

Therefore...... dunh dunh DUNH! The publisher has set up a 20% discount ONLY TO READERS HERE! Here's how it works.

First, you have to live in the U.S. (sorry anyone who doesn't).

Call 1- 866-416-1078
Order the book, and tell them you have this discount code:

Outside the U.S., use this link to order from the website Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong

The discount runs from now until and including January 18, 2016.

That's all! Though, it might be fun to look up the publishers catalog first and order up a bunch of other books (art therapy comes to mind!) at the same time.

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