Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Techno- Fail


I had a brilliant moment a few months back. My daughters share a bedroom and of course they irritate the snot out of each other. I have them do a "quiet time" every day for an hour. Genea does her homework and Teena plays around, singing and hooting quietly to her toys. Since neither of them has any tolerance for the other, I picked up 2 really cheap CD players with headphones for them. That way, Teena doesn't disturb Genea when she is trying to work and Genea has hers too and listens to it when she is done. She loves having music around her. It makes her so happy and by bloody jingo, when she is happy I am happy!

Brilliant. Usually I race to brag about my one- in -a -million bright ideas. Hey, figure if I get everything wrong, eventually by accident I have to get something right! The CD players have been awesome. I bring them in the car, we have them all over the house. I never have to hear another Disney princess or singing Barbie as long as I live. Wonder of amazing wonders, the headphones fit in their leapster game players, and so now I don't have to listen to the incessant beeping and electronic voices going off either. Ahhhh............. hear that? It's the sound of nothing. Ahh.

So I decided recently to get Genea an MP3 player, since the CD players annihilate batteries like they are on an all you can eat buffet. Genea takes slightly better care of her stuff compared to Teena and even though she is clearly a "pre-hoarder", if it is something important to her she will be cautious and careful. The Husband and I both have a few i-toys and use that incredibly proprietary software with them. I really had no idea how this non-i product would work but I had confidence that if I just plugged it in the right things would eventually happen.

Key word..... eventually.


Lots of fiddling, cursing, and yelling "what does that mean?" later I had the new player loaded using a different music system on the computer. Not exactly sure how any of it worked. It would tell me  this or that couldn't be loaded, or sync'd or whatever and then when I clicked ok, it happened anyway. It told me that all I had to do was drag and drop songs onto a side section, and so I did that. I put a bunch of great music on there such as Greatest Choral Hits, and Classical Composer compilation CD's. Some ABBA and Norah Jones. A variety. Nothing sassy or violent. Nothing with overtones or undertones of Things Of Which We Shall Not Speak. Anything that might have had backwards messages coded in subliminally did not make the cut.

When Genea got home from school and we gave it to her, I thought her eyes might bounce right out of her head and roll across the floor. She was so excited I swear she was levitating. I showed her how to use it, sort of. Gave it to her, and there was a problem. I took it back and it was just the headphone cord loose. I went back to find her another song right quick and I noticed something.....

A whole load of my music collection has made it onto this new little non-i MP3 player. Shit. Shit!

Not only do I not know how that could have happened, I really don't know how I will get it off of there. I guess most of the music that transferred isn't so bad. I mean, it really does sound like Prince is singing about a Little Red Corvette and chances are good Genea won't even realize what a Corvette is.

It's that catchy little Cee- Lo song I am worried about. My version does not say "forget you". Yikes.

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  1. Glad the music is working out for you. When I used a headset I bought rechargeable batteries because YES they sure do suck those dry!


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