Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Big Fat MWAH

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who voted for The Accidental Mommy, we did it! My blog made it into the Top 25 Adoption Blogs at Circle of Moms and will be listed with them. There is an interview coming up and then the official notice will be posted. I'll put up the link when it's all ready.

So, anyone I promised a kiss to, line up. LOL!

In other news, The Husband and I have been layed out by some mystery virus/ flu thing that is unholy. 2 sick parents and 2 NOT sick kids is probably a recipe for some social service involvement.

Mmmm, you really want that kiss now don't you!


  1. I'll take a kiss from a pony, thank you.

    congratulations, hope you feel better. ;-)

  2. Congratulations! I know how much I have gained from this blog and it's good to know that your writing can reach even more people.

    Get Well Soon x


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