Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hope You're Not Hungry

Seriously y'all, if you're hungry you're just gunna' have to find something else.

Thank your lucky stars that we have folks who care, like those considerate workers at the Scunci factory, who can warn us about these things. You can dream, you can imagine and you can create but you cannot cook a souffle out of these.

Other brands would just let us sit there, munching away on a plastic alligator clip, wondering why we feel so unfulfilled.

So if you are hungry, I guess you will just have to eat some other form of hair tie. If you get thirsty you can chase it down with lemonade made from your lemon scented dish soap. Might I suggest you add some tequila. And refrain from hallucinogens.

Who's looking out for you? Hmmmm? I think that's worth a vote, don't you?

Here is the quick and simple link:
You can vote one time a day RIGHT HERE. No signing up or tricky business. Just, click click click and you are done and I am  SO grateful and happy! Thanks again to Circle of Moms for the nomination!
1. Click link to go to Circle of Moms
2. Scroll down until you see "The Accidental Mommy" button
3. In the upper right corner of the box you will see a number and a thumbs up. Click the thumbs up to vote. If it turns gray your vote has registered.
4. Check out other blogs on the site too!


  1. They do look delicious. Like fuzzy little donuts.

  2. Ignore the warning. How do you think I stay so thin? I have a scrunchi souffle every day for dessert.

    (just kidding)

    PS I voted for you every day.

    (not kidding)

  3. nom, nom, nom, hairbands lol Talk about stupid warning labels. Can I steal and share that pic? Im gonna go vote for u again right now btw :)

  4. I'm voting for you a lot, btw!

    I'm hanging in there so far!

    Sure, FFMC, re-post away. It's important for us all to share the dangers with everyone else.

  6. daily voting.... and what a good PSA about Scunci. I ALMOST sprinkled them on my oatmeal this morning. Good thing I read your blog first! Sheesh.....


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