Tuesday, June 7, 2011

End of (Sane) Days

What is it about the end of school for my kids that makes me feel like I am actually the one attending..... oh yeah, it's all the crazy stuff they throw in at the end of the year for the parents to do, like a grand finale.

See, the problem I have is that I am not good at remembering stuff. Things I am good at are critiquing reality TV shows, eating brownies, and smiling at the nasty fast food employee even when I don't want to. 

On Friday, Teena had a trip to a local park. I was supposed to remember to put her in orange, because orange is the color for park attendance apparently.
Monday Teena had "camping day" at school. This means she is supposed to bring in a blanket, a stuffed animal and a bunch of books so they could fake camp and watch movies (?). Sure.
Tuesday is a field trip to a local museum. Gotta remember to pack a lunch, and a drink. Also, it is wear something yellow day. She doesn't have any yellow (or orange) clothes. She'll be sporting yellow hair bows instead.
Wednesday, Teena is supposed to wear something with zippers. Why zippers? It's the last day and it's a half day. Could not tell you what is up with the zippers.
Don't forget to turn in all the library books and by the way the teachers are sending home every bit of whatever- the- hell that she worked on all year.
Also, I need to be sure she is dressed and wearing shoes every day. For some reason she has decided that shoes are for growing smells, not wearing.

Genea is a little easier this time around. I have to remember to send her party invitations with her to school so kids will know it is coming. Summer birthdays are hard!
Tomorrow is Fun Day at her school. What is Fun Day? Surely I do not know but it does sound fun. Got an email about it today. Genea told me she is supposed to wear old clothes for Fun Day. Hmmmm. Well, at least that is something we have plenty of.
She finally quit getting homework though! I could not believe a child in second grade was still getting homework to finish this weekend. Dang. I love her teacher this year but she is a little hardcore on the homework thing.
The biggest thing with Genea is that she No. Likey. Change. and the end of school is a big HUGE enormous change. Did I mention about the change part? She doesn't like it. We'll have about 2 weeks free until summer school starts, I will be waiting anxiously. She is much better this year handling the changes to her beloved schedule, I have to say. She is doing well overall recently (braving the blog curse for even thinking it) so the biggest reaction going on is that her extremely low threshold for frustration is amping back up. She's feeling nervous, but is able to handle it better this year than the others, though she still is not interested in being a balloon. So, that's good!

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  1. I managed all the school craziness, but accidentally blew all the extra curriculars. The piano teacher called to say she misses me. And I'm not promising anything for next year when i have four in school.

  2. May I suggest a HALF birthday party next year? Have it in six months when she's X1/2 years old...have half a cake, wear half a hat... It's a nice alternative for summer birthdays.

  3. I absolutely hate the end of the school year. With all the parties, recitals, etc, its worse than the holidays. And, all this change in structure usually sets the kids off, so we have even more fun. Hang in there!

  4. I love the half birthday idea! So cute!

    Tomorrow is our last day of school. She was very teary about it this morning. We left the house at 7:40 and 40 seconds and that almost caused a meltdown because it wasn't 7:40 on the dot. She's feeling very anxious about the change in routine.

  5. I am 6 hours into our first "summer vacation" day here at home, and I have not yet had a drink.

    That's a success. If there's hope for me, there's hope for you, too ;)

    PS- Although as I type this, the tween walks into the house to fetch the oldest boy a pair of underwear. The two are swimming at the neighbor's house, and apparently, the boy feels that the underwear I sent must have come from his brothers' closet and not his own, as it's a "bit uncomfortable around the waist." Because it's not like I know where stuff in this house goes or anything ;) Good. Grief.

    Not drinking until 6 hours, 2 minutes into the first day of summer is a success nonetheless, is it not?

  6. The end of school year is so stressful I want to hide until it is over.

    And ps I voted for you every day so far. Do I win a pony?

  7. Just wanted to pop on here and comment. I found u via the COM's top 25 link and after reading passedposts up to now, i think i love you lol. In that fellow trauma momma way of course. Thanks for the posts, it makes me feel better reading fellow mamas blogs to remind myself I'm not alone when the shit over here is done hit the fan.

  8. A half birthday is a good idea, I'm just not sure Genea would buy into it. Of course if there is cake, she would get over it for sure.

    We don't really have extracurriculars, we are challenged enough with the regular school stuff. Less for me to mess up that way also.

    L- THANKS, and THANKS to everyone else voting too!!!!!

    2b4 thanks for popping in! Yeah, shit hits the fan or in our case, pee hits the fan. Icky either way.

    Structure, absolutely! I can't mimic the school schedule.

  9. Congrats on your nomination.
    We have been busy here for end of school. I really hate end of school too. There is so much buildup and letdown.

    We have no summer school so we are in week 7 of no school and it will be hard till school starts up again.

    Hope you have a great two weeks and you survive this week. I feel your pain.



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