Monday, May 25, 2009

Go figure..

On Thursday the girls went to stay with my parents for the weekend. When Genea got up that morning, I told her that she would get no pull up this day. See, because she doesnt need them at my parents house. This is what I told her. You never P yourself at Grandma's house so I am just sending pull ups for nighttime, because you won't need them during the day.
No daytime P, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and they just got home today, Sunday, so far, no P.


  1. Very, very interesting....
    One of the things that make me go "hmmmmmmmm...."

  2. Wow. Interesting, for sure. I'm still waiting to hear whether the placebo pill that you were going to try works. I think that is just genius.

  3. She's on a winning streak! I hope it lasts.
    I used to have bedwetting problems when I was little. Maybe once every two weeks I'd have an accident. It was very frustrating for me and my parents. I think I was about eight the last time I wet the bed.
    It turned out that the problem was physical, not psychological. When I was 23 my left kidney shut down completely and I had to have it removed. The doctors said it was a birth defect that went undetected all those years.
    Once I was recovered I felt so much better. My parents, did, too. They had thought I was expressing rage at them through the bedwetting when all it was was a very unreliable kidney.
    Could there be something similar going on with Genea?

  4. Hmmm indeed! Amazing how their little minds work. My mother once told my brother that he couldn't use the potty, it was hers and the little stinker started using it that day.


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