Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Genea takes Mother's Day very seriously. I remember this from last year too. As soon as the commercials started going on TV, she was on it. She takes no chances. Last year she made tissue paper flowers at day care and put hours of work into a card that she carried with her everywhere until the day came. The card was so precious to me! Of course I still have it but I had it on my fridge for about 6 months. It was so important to her to do things right for "Mothers Gift" which is what she called it, she made certain to follow all the directions from the TV that she could figure out.
This year was the same. About 2 weeks ago she started preparing. Started reminding me that it was coming and pointing it out whenever she saw advertising. She made several pictures and cards, and her teacher is a fabulous woman who knows where to put her efforts and had the kids make little flower pots and a poem for a shower curtain ring with a bunch of yarn tied around it in different colors. Each color was for something, like keeping her safe, giving her a home, stuff like that. So cute!
Teena learned to wink from Mr Noodle and spent the whole day trying to teach Boo Boo, our cat, to wink.
My Baby Daddy is the man soon to be known as The First Former Mr Accidental Mommy. Late Saturday I told him I wanted Starbucks in the morning and to get me one of those sugar bombed muffins they have. Triple venti caramel macchiato. He said he was going to want McDonald's and that is what the girls would want too! I said, for Mothers Day I should be able to get some dang Starbucks and get the girls some muffins they will love it. He said, I thought that was next week and then went and looked it up on his phone internet thing as if I were lying (not that I wouldn't lie and try to sneak in an extra holiday but I wasn't and he should have known it). Then in the morning, I "slept in" to the chorus of multiple tantrums and fits. Nothing like the strident peel of a shrieking toddler in the morning, and My Baby Daddy yelling at them that they better not wake me up. So, it was normal. Did laundry and dishes. I got to go to Target by myself and my phone did not ring even once. I was there for an hour and a half. My head almost exploded though when I heard some perky teenage girl ask the pharmacist for the morning after pill. Ack! Loud as could be, same as if she were asking for a pack of gum. When the cost was almost $30, she said she thought it was going to be $10 and she didn't have that much and left with her silent and less perky boyfriend. Stupid stupid stupid girl. It was all over her tone and approach that this was her plan. There was no incorrectly applied condom, no pill, spermicide (tee hee, that word has always cracked me up)or diaphragm. No wardrobe malfunction. It was, I am going to have sex and then go and get the morning after pill and that will work out great. And on Mothers Day to make it all just perfect. Stupid! The future of our country!
Anyway, that was my day. Fortunately I am the sort of person who plans. I tend to think through possibilities and outcomes ahead of time. So I had already gifted myself with a pair of shoes for Mothers Day. I buy 2 new pairs of shoes a year so there you go. At Target I bought a book that is just a good book to read, not to learn anything, just to read. It's called "In the Woods" and is quite compelling already.
The End.


  1. Yay for some appreciation. Bask in the glow....

    I've been trying to teach Puddin to wink at me too. Hee hee....
    She's loves to smile already so I thought she was talented enough to wink at me too.

  2. Walking around Target for an hour and a half uninterrupted is a GREAT Mother's Day celebration. Indeedy!

  3. That's what I'm sayin', NO ONE bothered me!
    Granted I was there to buy a bunch of laundry detergent and a white t shirt for Genea to tye dye at school. But I got a book and some quiet time. Score!

  4. well you know i can't wait till Sarah knows what is going on so i get my first mothers day card. maybe i will do as you did and buy myself something next year. good plan.

  5. Essie, for some strange reason I loooove Mr. Noodle! Have you seen the Noodle siblings?



  6. Normally a Mr Noodle would make me want to remove every vein in my body with a pliers, but somehow I can deal with him, and his sister, the brother... not so sure.
    My favorite new ones are Oscar and his children, Squirmy and Stinky I think.


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