Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh Brett

Please Brett, no.

You can still salvage most of your legacy if you shut up now. Lay low for a few years and let the poor behavior of other athletes take on the spotlight.

Going to the Vikings will be like taking a huge steaming dump on your favorite jersey. Right on top of the number 4.

I could go on and on about behaving like a man, sucking up your pissy little pity party and moving on. How you have looked and sounded like a badly spoiled and not terribly bright child for the past few years. But I won't. (I am also going to assume I am not invited to your party anymore).

Just.... go. Go quietly, take a break, relax and get some perspective. Puh---lease!

(for any non- American readers this post is about American football and a Green Bay Packers player.)(I expect to be back to ridiculing myself and the absurdities of my family tomorrow).


  1. IT's ON! I knew you were from Wisconsin but I guess it didn't really sink in until now that you were a Cheesehead. OMG. If the Vikes TAKE Favray's tired old self I will quit me Sunday football.

    I am hoping that Brett is really just cheating on his wife and going out on a romantic candlelit date with Childress.

    Of course, I will still be your bloggyfriend if you are a Packer fan but please don't post pictures of your green and gold couch with the big "P" on it. I can only take so much.

  2. Oh my god, my 15 year old cousin is going to cry. Or already is crying. This is the kid who's teacher called him to her desk during class one day to gently break the news to him, when Brett "retired". He didn't believe her, and she called my aunt who confirmed it. Then he cried. But that was just "retirement" ... going to the VIKINGS?!? The poor kid is going to be broken-hearted. You're right, this is disgusting.

  3. I'm so glad the swine flu is yesterday's news. Now your fellow Wisconsinites like me can totally focus on what's truly life and death -- Brett Favre's future. Thank heavens.

    (The above statement was the epitome of sarcasm, in case you couldn't guess.)

    I no longer have any respect for the man whatsoever. He blew it last year and he just continues to blow and blow. Best of luck with the Vikings, ya big whiny traitor!

  4. Tonites news said the Viking dude never even left the state, that Brett called to cancel their date.
    Good thing. Last year the news helicopters going over my house were crazy for a few days there.
    Ok, but I have to clear something up. I do not wear cheese or any cheese product on my head. Ever. I watch the Packers here and there, but really not that into it.

  5. Yeah, the guy is kind of starting to get on my nerves too. Like the bazillions of dollars he already has isn't enough to retire on.


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