Monday, May 18, 2009

Answers part 3

tubaville said...
Hmmm, you hate me because I am a Vikings fan? Or do you just throw up in your mouth a little but swallow it?

Are you trying to gross me out? Because you would need to have a whopping big booger chunk get stuck in the throw up to gross me out. And I'd have to be drinking milk at the time. Ik.

Honestly, I really love purple but I look better in green. No one looks good in gold. You all will be needing GRAY soon out there.

~Momma Chaos said...
D@mn blogger and not posting my comment yesterday- now it totally looks like I've not been stalking you properly. I swear I wished you a happy bloggyversary right after Annie yesterday but fates conspired against me!Naturally it's been a full day since I initially tried to comment so I completely forget anything else I said but just wanted to say HI , I'm still stalking :)

I give you credit for the thought and the effort. As for forgetting, well, I have to land on the "judge not lest" side of that one.

ldw said...
Whew! Nice to know more like me are out there. Not just the mom of a RADish but that sucks at the whole Leave it to Beaver thing. I imagine it in my mind and I make charts that get thrown away and make schedules that don't get followed and start laundry that never ends (or getsItalic put away correctly). I do widh I had more time at home cause I think I could get more accomplished...right?Question: Favorite childhood memory?

Seriously, more time at home just means more work at home! Its true! Now I have a kid here messing it up ALL day, plus myself. Anyway, charts and stuff don't work with rad kids, so they say.

The top pick of the memories is when I was 5, going to pick out our little puppy. She was a pomeranian and we brilliantly called her Pom Pom. She turned into my dog at night when she would come in and sleep in my bed. She was an exceptionally cute little ball of fur! The cutest dog ever!

Lorena said...
Congratulations!!! As I told you some time ago I love your blog and the way that you write even though I don´t have children and am not married. Maybe my life is a little like the one you planned before you found The Husband, and I cannot lie, I really enjoy it, being independent is great. But I can totally tell, by the way that you write, that you enjoy your life as much as I enjoy mine.

Yeah, okay, I do enjoy it. But don't tell anyone else!

Btw I am totally flattered that someone withOUT kids reads! That is so cool- Thanks!

Katherine said...
Hi Essie,My boys are 3 and 1 1/2. I completely understand what you mean about "the transition" and I'm not quite through it yet either. I go to a parent group and the leader was telling us that the older a woman is, the harder the transition is for her. Her theory is that the younger women, in their early twenties or whatever, don't know what they're missing like we do. They've haven't had the luxury of such a long period of independence, or career success. It is such a common feeling and I think most women just don't allow themselves to be honest about it for whatever reason, which sucks because we could all help each other if there wasn't that stigma.
That sounds about right! I worry sometimes that I go too far expressing honestly how I see things, that I really will get a troll- a whole gaggle of trolls even. But then, I can't tell you how many times a mom will just about collapse in front of me in relief saying she thought she was the only one, that something was wrong with her. Well it might be, and if it is it is wrong with me too!
Hmm, I want a cool parent group too. What do you do with the kids, leave them in the car? (JUST KIDDING)

kate said...
Just a happy anniversary from someone coming along after you in the adoption journey. Thanks for paving the way!


Annie said...
I was sitting in the cold rain in the third hour of a track meet on Friday night (My Advice: Absolutely FORBID track!) when I remembered that I was supposed to submit a question to your blog!!!I feel guilty asking a question because it will undoubtedly reveal that I have not done my homework and read every post written prior to my discovery of your blog - I go anyway:How did you find out about Genea and how did you decided to adopt her, and how hard was it? Process-wise.
You know, I am going to choose to take it as a compliment that you think of me in the most miserable and tedious times of your day.
The truth is, I have already banned track, track and field and getting close to a ban on swimming. Good crimmeny!
Genea's parents brought her to the clinic I worked for, for therapy. I was actually assigned to her with another therapist but I got really really sick that day and had to leave. When I heard about her situation, that the parents were having such a hard time and wanted to disrupt her adoption, I told The Husband and subtley poked at him for weeks.
Process wise, it wasn't that bad compared to others I have read about. Our agency was full of ass-quacks, every one of whom told us something different. The cost was stupid, we had been told a number. But everything came out to be double and triple what they told us. Not to mention a bunch of crap they just made up to charge us. Birth mother counseling was $1200. WHAT birth mother????? Then, we don't qualify for the return because The Husband is self- employed or some such crap- just found that out last month. We challenged a lot of it, which stunned them all, but still had to pay it to get our finalization out of them. Ass-quacks, I just made that up and I love it. LOL!

AND THANKS to everyone who said such nice things! I am all about the props. Love the compliments! Since I am all alone here except for Teena who can't read, comments are my only feedback on if any of this is interesting or you know, do I think I am William Hung. So THANK YOU and don't forget to click yourself in as a follower, tip your waitress and bartenders.




  2. Very cool to learn so much about you! I imagine you'd be fun to play bingo and do shots with - yes we do that here. And hey, the charts and stuff?? For ME, not the kids!!

  3. I had something way cool to say when I read this on my phone, but I can't comment from my phone so I'm sorry but you missed brilliance from me:)

    Also, swimming totally rocks. I encourage mine to race each other, see who can go off the diving board the most, dive the deepest. Then they sleep. It's a beautiful thing.

  4. did adopting "out of order" affect Teena at all? (as is she is now not the oldest kid in the family)
    Also would you adopt again? or are you two and threw?

  5. IDW, ha ha sorry, I should say, charts and schedules don't work for RAD moms!

    Annie I am starting to question your dedication to me. (JK! lol)

  6. Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and while I am married, I don't have any kids and we are not planning on having any.

    One thing I really like about your blog is that even though you have kids, and most of your blogs are about the kids, it's not all sunshine and rainbows and "oh I'm a SAHM and I am so great and my life if perfect". It's real. I don't get the feeling that you pity the childless (especially childless by choice) like so many other people seem to. I guess what I am saying is that even though you are a mom but you are a person too.

    So, even though I only "know" you through your blog, you seem more real to me than some people I know in real life.

    It's also great to get to learn more about you and your family through the Q & A's. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you Valerie- what a wonderful compliment!
    Definately no Super Mom here. Adequate Mom, sure.

  8. Oh - that is CLASSIC - "Birth Mother Counseling"....seems like that should have cost a heck of a lot more what with the search and all.

    Katherine - That is SO cool someone said that to you about "being older" and all that. It is PRECISELY what I felt about marriage (which I did older). That really shook my boat, in terms of having to do things I didn't want to do, when I didn't want to do it, in a place that wasn't the way I wanted it, etc.

    However, adopting older has been great, because what with the husband and then two other children (teens! I got through the teens!) my self-centeredness rather got bashed out of me. I am all the better for it, actually. (Who thinks that something hard is necessarily bad, anyway?)

  9. Sheesh! Just read that over and I've amused myself mightily. What I MEANT (in speaking of marriage) was CLEANING HOUSE and COOKING. I see where someone might have read something else into that comment.


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