Saturday, May 16, 2009

Answers Part 1

BT asked 1. How did you end up in Northern Wisconsin (do I have that right?)? 2. Do you have plans to return to work outside the home, and if so how old would your daughters be?
The Husband used to work for a restaurant chain and was transferred here to Green Bay. He has since taken a different job in insurance. It took awhile to get used to it, but the place grows on you. I have never met so many genuine, kind and considerate people in my life. Do I have plans to go back to work? HELL TO THE YEAH!!!! I guess I will wait until at least this fall, when both girls will be in school. Teena will get out around noon though, so I may hold out until she gets to full day kindergarten. 3 minutes after that ha ha. So, ages 5 and 7.
However, if a great job presented itself that had good pay and health insurance I would be there.
And, THANKS for promising to get yourself a sticker on my followers block! I will be very happy!

Annie said...
When did you realize that it wasn't going to be sunshine and rainbows? Tell us about the WTF am I doing moment.
The day Genea moved in to our house permanently we had gone to Mc Donalds to do the transfer and come home so the girls could take a nap. When they woke up from their nap, our quiet, withdrawn, calm, smiling, little adoptee changed into a child with extreme ADHD in a hyper- manic oppositional state of rage. It was more of a WTF have I done moment.
I expected her to fall off the deep end. Just not the very second she got here!

I wonder if McDonalds realizes how much of this stuff happens there?

Here is Rachael you think you'll go back to work when the girls are both in school? What was your pre-SAHM job?
Ahh, my pre-sahm job. In an ironic twist that would have the Lifetime Movie Network execs peeing themselves (YES ! A double irony!), I was an in-home therapist. I worked with severely emotionally disturbed kids for 6-8 hours a week in their homes. Both psychotherapy and autism treatment therapy. I have been thinking of possibly taking on one case in the evenings.
BTW, thanks for telling me how to hyperlink!!!! Now, do you know how to back- link? I have it all set up but it doesnt happen with my template.

Lisa actually wants to know
Describe the absolute worst day you've ever had in the radical world. Pretty please....
How much time do you have? LOL!
Ya know, it was last summer. Things had gotten so ugly, well, no one could be commended for their actions. At one point, Genea was in a therapy session, refusing to do anything. She had crawled under the table and gone into a dissociative state, a bad one. Where you could pick up her arm and it would just fall when you let go. You could clap your hands next to her ear and she would not even flinch. Her therapist said, wow, this is scary. That was the day I realized maybe, just maybe, no amount of love, therapy, meds, behavior modification, stickers, threats, affection, medical treatment, just maybe, this was as much better as she can get. Just maybe the level of my childs disturbance is beyond treatment. At home, she sat in time out and poo'd on herself twice (I was like, how much dang poop do you have kid- but must have done something right because it has not repeated). I had been pushing myself to believe that a regular life would be attainable for her that was probably my worst day, because I allowed uncertainty to come in.
Unfortunately for her, I am determined to knock The Crazy out one way or another. Bastard bloody fucking Crazy!

Phew, this is all a bit deep! Here is a funny Teena crack.

We were watching TV (no, again, thanks, I don't think we do that too often) and some commercial about airbrush -look skin foundation came on. She piped right up all excited and said, Mama you should get that! Right, cuz this stuff is supposed to make your pores invisible. Incidentally I DO have it and it DOESN'T.

Ok, will keep going later!


  1.'re kinda still doing your job. Just for free. How ironic. At least you are good at it! :)

  2. I was sitting in the cold rain in the third hour of a track meet on Friday night (My Advice: Absolutely FORBID track!) when I remembered that I was supposed to submit a question to your blog!!!

    I feel guilty asking a question because it will undoubtedly reveal that I have not done my homework and read every post written prior to my discovery of your blog - I go anyway:

    How did you find out about Genea and how did you decided to adopt her, and how hard was it? Process-wise.

  3. Gotta be scary when they even freak out the therapist!

  4. Whew! I feel so much better now that I'm "in the know".

    Also very grateful I'm not the only one that has a kid that scared a therapist.


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