Wednesday, May 20, 2009

too much tv?

Genea: (sing songie voice) "Pee Bee eS kids"

Teena: "dot org"

It could be a case of too much tv, but they were playing outside when this exchange happened.

They have both learned far more from PBS than from me anyway.

One show is too many. A thousand, never enough.


  1. My kids always remind me I'm not going to be on the "green team" if I don't...

    So annoying, I guess I should monitor the tv more closely.

  2. For sure Annie, if they are taunting you with crap from their shows, you definately should change the channel. Some nice talk show with only big people on the stage. Maybe get you some time with Oprah.

  3. Very funny. I love PBS. . . .and many other shows and movies I never thought I'd let them watch!!! But yes, PBS HAS taught my kids a ton.



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