Saturday, May 16, 2009

Answers Part 2

:)De said...
I love your stories and come here for my regular fix from a regular mom. My question: how did you go from not planning to have kids to adopting a child from disruption? What a leap!

A bit of an overestimation on my part. I had always thought I might want to have foster kids, or adopt an older child. But, we always moved too much for that. Then we had Teena and things seemed to go pretty well (still alive, yes, even today!). Genea came through the clinic I was working at for therapy and I heard of her situation. So I thought, well, I have a girl and lots of girl stuff, she could just come on in to my family. Having 2 kids in 2 years was a serious overestimation of my energy and patience. Especially the energy!

Jen said...
Good for you for toughing it out, even though it's not your first choice. It truly is only for a few years and your girls NEED you - especially Genea. They will be grown up before you know it (really, I'm not just blowing smoke).So, do you WANT trolls to stalk you? :D I mean I DO have relatives over there - I'm sure I could find out where you live if I tried really hard. (maniacal laugh).

Thank you for pointing that out! I don't mind (much) sacrificing for my family, I just do often forget that is what I am doing. It is so easy to get bogged down in the daily frustrations. I can't believe Teena is going to summer school in a month. BWAH!!!! How did she get old enough for that! (Well, ok, I have her in pre- 4k- school so it is my own fault).

Honestly, I would like to have a troll stalker if you could arrange it. It would be like getting nominated for an Emmy- I would be able to say, I've made it! Internet only please.

Accidental Mommy (Sasha)

I am not Martha. I had a career, I have an education and I stay home and rot. I worked in a male dominated field and all this cooking and laundry and well you know...soooo not my thing. I try but I do find myself resenting being the one who needs to make a house a home.

Congrats on your anniversary. I was Freak Magnet and then Zen Master before I became Accidental Mommy. lol

Yep, I think that is a big part of my problem too. I feel like I stay home with brain rot. And the other choices (laundry, cooking shit) just SUCK ASS.

For people wondering, this is not my alter ego, this Accidental Mommy is Sasha- different person entirely (though a lot of overlap in life). (well, sort of).

Okay, another installment coming tomorrow! There is still time to sneak in a question if you want to ask!


  1. I will post the Readers Digest version of sweet PBJ's fate just for you. And because I never really did write the ending to that story. I keep thinking if I don't give it a voice that it won't be real. I am also waiting for our old PC to magically fix itself and spring back to life!

  2. "Internet only please" - what fun is that???

  3. Ah Wendy I was worried I might be asking too many questions! Sorry!

    Jen, I can't have a stalker in my neighborhood. Its not allowed. Besides, without the anonymity of the internet, in-person is just beginner stalking.

  4. I have a piece of advice. Having children at home might seem hard, but it is NOTHING to having them out in the public sphere, particularly SCHOOL, where the teachers believe that they have the power to program your evenings and weekends. Beware the homework! Beware the Bake Sales, beware the necessary items of clothing for special activities! The required large pieces of tag board for the projects, etc.

    This is SUCH hard work. If I had any control whatsoever I'd work only part-time. Just don't leap into full-time if you can help it, because once you have a certain amount of money you find you NEED that amount of money and when every fiber of you feels that you really need TIME much, much more - there is no chance of getting it because those bills keep coming in.

    Mind you - I told someone else this and a couple of years later she came back and woefully told me I was right.


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