Friday, May 1, 2009

Is it just me?

Is it just me? Because it usually is. Moving Mouth people on the tv keep yammering about this flu. We are not supposed to be referring to it as the swine flu. See, it would make the pigs feel really bad. It would be a blow to their self esteem.

As a society, we have been advised to use a substitute phrase to convey the same meaning that swine flu has. In our effort to have politically correct flu, we should be calling it this: H1N1 flu. That is reportedly the official hoity toity scientific name of this strain.

Does that look to you the way it looks to me?


HI h- eye

NI n- ee

Heinie? We are experiencing a pandemic of a medical condition called The Heinie Flu????

bwaa ha ha ha!

Ok, so I really hope no one has it. We had the flu last month and it was brutal.


  1. This flu has got everyone crazy.

    We just had a confirmed "probable" case in Sheboygan. The school district sent home a letter that we should be prepared for school closings!

    What else can happen?

    My life = hell in a hand basket!!!

  2. I love that 100 or so people have it and we got 500,000 kids staying home from school today. Or should I say running around town tagging things and smoking pot. I'm telling you, one little old lady without insurance dies from this and it's socialized medicine, only the gov'ment can save us now.

  3. Heinie Flu?? I love it! I'm sooo gonna start calling it that from now on :)

  4. You have GOT to be kidding me!! Seriously? PC now includes PIGS??


  5. what about all the other flu's? They feel left out I'm sure lol

  6. Ha ha- yeah, the flu we had here was just called the flu! It should have been called the Run Over By a Bus Flu. The Youre gonna wish you were in a coma flu.
    I love how the schools are closed and the kids are ALL going to the malls.

  7. I might actually remember that now! I can't for the life of me figure out why it isn't called the Mexican flu. When I was a child we had "Hong Kong" flu, but I suppose that was really pre-PC. However, I do not think that anyone has anything AGAINST Hong Kong due to that miserable flu originating there. That would be stupid. But, maybe people are destined to be stupid in one way or another.... Just choose one.

  8. We've gone PC about pigs now, too... *rolls eyes*

  9. I had a good laugh about this too - we can't call it swine flu any more because it will make the pigs feel bad - LOL! Give me a break - when will the PC crap stop? And yes, I think, although it's a serious illness, it's probably being WAY over-hyped. (But I might have some surgical masks on hand, just in case.)

  10. Funny enough, it's actually been changed to H1N1 due to a bunch of rednecks slaughtering pigs needlessly. It's not about feelings, it's about preserving the bacon.


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