Monday, June 1, 2009

Quit yelling- ok, ok OK!!

OKAY!!! For all the people who have been screaming and yelling for pics here you go!

(Alright, you may not have heard the screaming and may not have been doing the yelling. After writing about Genea's height and weight gain I was inspired to go back and look at the old pictures. Then I thought, hey, why not post 'em. So I did).

This is Genea now. Both plants behind her are dead. But isn't she gorgeous?!?

Again, put down your drink. I told Teena to pose like Paris Hilton. She has no idea who that could even be, but this is what she did. Which, I think is adorably hysterically cute. This was last summer.

Here are Genea and Teena about 3 weeks before she moved in. She is 4 years old and Teena is 2. She had not grown or gained weight for almost 2 years at this point. You can see why a lot of people asked us if they were twins in the beginning.

Here they are in July, about 5 weeks after Genea moved in. Teena on the left. You can see Genea has grown a smidge.

This is in November, on Thanksgiving. Genea has grown about 6 inches at this point. I always wondered- did that hurt? Growing as fast as she did, especially her feet, I mean, that had to hurt sometimes!
Comparing the girls height in pictures is the easiest way to do it, but keep in mind Teena was growing normally as well.

The 2 pics of us on my right- hand side bar are from about the one year point. Her ass-quack adoption worker told us at court, she would not have recognized Genea if we hadn't been standing with her.
This is Easter of last year, so Genea had grown about 10 inches at this time (and seriously, is she not gorgeous? I feel like I can brag about her that way since I did not contribute to it. Kind of funny).

Here they are just after Christmas this past year at my mom's house. I think I posted this one at the time. Anyway.

This last one might be a bit out of order, from just prior to Christmas.

Ok so all-y'all can stop hurting my ears with the hollering! Now I realized I don't have any good recent pics so look out the next few days.


  1. I can't even tell you how much admiration I have for you and all that you've done for both these beautiful girls. I love to read your musings!

  2. Wow! Cool! They are so adorable.

    My kids tell me they can feel themselves growing and it hurts. I believe them because of all the dang clothes I've had to buy.

    The oldest has shot from a 10 to a 14-16 or small in misses (she can wear my clothes from when she moved in with us.)

    SS has jumped from a 6 to a 10-12.

    CDQ has jumped from 5t to a size 8.
    Poufy from a 2t-4t to a size 6 and she has a hyperthyroid and the boy from a 2t-5t to almost a size 8.

    That had to hurt. OUCH!

  3. I can't believe how much they look alike! It is like you entered a parallel universe.

  4. They are beautiful girls! I love to see your jaw line on Teena. Gorgeous. (Spoken by someone who wishes her jaw line wasn't covered up with fat!) ;D

  5. these pictures just made my day!!! Paris Hilton look out! I love her non knowing Paris pose (pretty accurate)

  6. They are both absolutely adorable! Are you SURE they're not somehow, someway biological sisters?!? They look way more alike then mine, and mine ARE biological. Amazing!

    I enjoy when people tell me how beautiful my girls are and I can go along and agree with them. Feels kind of funny, but like you, (with Genea) I played absolutely no hand in their making and I know they are gorgeous.

    My girls will occasionally wake up during the night with sore ankles or calves and tell me they hurt. Not so much anymore but early on it happened often. I believe growing so quickly CAN hurt. Poor things.

  7. Both your girls are beautiful and precious. Genea's growth and change is amazing. Reminds me of our boys adopted from Ukraine. They each grew almost a foot the first year. To answer your question about whether such fast growth hurts, our boys would often complain that first year that their legs were aching. My dad finally told me that it was probably their bones aching from growing so fast. Genea's growth looks to have been about as dramatically fast. Wasn't it incredible to watch? She also looks like she got healthier and healthier throughout that time as well as springing up.

  8. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. (sorry I am so behind on commenting on your blog). I can see how people thought they were twins.....your girls look so much alike to me!! Beautiful! Wow at how she has grown, and amazing....when you give a flower sun and water, (or love and nurturing...) it just blossoms and grows!

  9. They are both cute -- and wow, do they ever look like biological sisters!

    Love the Paris Hilton pose!

  10. It's so cool to see the progression. Your girls really do look like bio. sisters. And regarding what you said about it being okay to talk about how gorgeous Genea is b/c you didn't "make" her, I have this problem lately of saying "I know" instead of "thank you" when people tell me that Beatrix is cute. I don't know what's wrong with me. I was so embarrassed the first time I said it and it keeps happening. So I guess I am just a little bit tacky.

  11. Well... it is so unbelievably noticeable that I also have to repeat what everyone said about them looking alike because it is clear that you are KEEPING SOMETHING FROM US in that regard. How the heck did you make that happen? And didn't you say you'd just HEARD about her case? Or did people say, "Wow; there is this case and the little girl looks just like yours?" If they didn't I can't believe why they didn't - curls and all. It is really, really amazing.

    Also, it is noteworthy how adorable they both are. And they look happy! Who would know there is such drama behind that camera lens?

    And I know just what you mean! That is one of the joys of adoption you can respond to compliments on your adopted child with gushes of your own - because it wasn't your doing!!!

  12. I used to get what my mom called "growing pains" when I was a kid. I grew fast, but nothing like these kids (mine, and the above) have. But, Genea never complained. Of course, she was really crabby for a long time.
    People would squint at them in the beginning and say, are they identical twins? I remember Genea's therapist did say she looked a little like Teena and they were close to the same size. I think the pics must highlight their similarities. I don't remember noticing they looked so so so much the same.

  13. Maybe they are growing to look the same. They do in the photos for sure!

  14. UNBELIEVABLE how much they look alike AND how beautiful they are! You know, we've found that kids are like dogs. They either eventually look like you or you like them. In this case, they both favor you and each other! Beautiful!

  15. I think it is true when you spend a lot of time together, you start to look alike. I think it is because you take on the mannerisms and expressions and such. Many times I get dressed, then I get the girls dressed, then I realize I put us all in the same basic thing. Jeans and a blue t- shirt for example. Without intending to at all!

  16. Looooove the pix! Genea is GORGEOUS! (And Teena is pretty cute herself. ;> )

  17. ps I'm sure it hurt. Teens I babysat for always used to stretch before and during a growth spurt--hanging on door jambs, hanging on to corners as they passed them...

  18. Huh, I have seen teenagers doing that and I never realized it was all connected. Cool!
    Of course, I think both my girls are adorable. My neighbor said "your girls are so cute" and I said, "aren't they?". She looked at me really wierd. Oh well. When Teena is complimented, I say, thank you. When it is Genea I agree right out front. They both are!

  19. (so i printed the last well 5 post and caught up on all the goings on. sorry i hate not having internet at home. i am trying to sort things out...always trying!)
    As for Genna, you did such a great job well done you!gee it must have hurt to grow so darn fast. its amazing. do you have it knoched on some wall some where? if not you should!

  20. oh i love by the way i love the photos, they are SO adorable, and i know what you mean i think i can brag about Sarah and not sound like i am up myself as she didn't come out of me...saying that looking a Genea it looks like she is totally what you made, look how different she is now to when you first had her. Sure she was cute but now she looks SO healthy, and that's your doing. but feel free to brag they are darn cute kids.

  21. I swear some days in the beginning we could literally see it, one day to the next, Genea growing. The Hub and I both noticed over the weekend she must have hit a spurt again. Her face is starting to firm up with features. The jeans from the start of school that we had to belt on to her are now tight. Sheesh!

  22. OMG - Teena is a little mini-you! And what's cool is that she and Genea look like biological sisters. :)

    lovely girls!



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