Monday, June 8, 2009

Filthy beasts

I mean seriously, do we live on a farm? Are we professional Dirt Acquisitionists? (Is there such a vocation? Cuz we're there!) This glamorous picture is, if you couldn't tell, my washer. Those are my kids whites in there, with a cup and a half of bleach!!!!!!!


Is this crossing the line of privacy boundaries?

Could this make me look bad at some point later in life, like a pic of me at a kegger with no top on? Not that that could get out (JK).

So be it.

Next vile thing.
Okay, so I know this is bad. I did a bad thing and the Supermom Police are going to come and get me and will show NO mercy cuz I do not deserve any. It's a good thing I like the heat since that is how the temperature is going to be when I float on out of this life.


Teena pee'd on the floor in the girls bedroom. (I don't think I will ever escape pee, when the girls are done The Husband will start whizzing all over the house I am sure). Anyway, she pee'd on the floor. And someone, had left a bunch of her little papers on that same floor. That someone, is named Genea. And I tried to cover up what had happened, only 4-5 of maybe 25 papers were harmed. But Teena, Teena doesnt know when to shut up. Quite frankly, Teena has never met a person, place or thing that could not be improved with the sound of her voice. In her opinion. Anyway, I snuck the papers into the trash and out of sight. Teena makes a point of telling Genea what happened. Genea, being a great big sister, instantly commenced with the fake cry. Ahuh ahuh- aHUH aahhhhh my paaaaaaaaperssssssss.

Genea, I said, I said um, Genea?

*sniffle* what Mama? queries Genea.



*blank stare*

I do so love it when life lets you witness karma first hand.


  1. Hahahah
    oh dear. well now she knows what it feels like to have pee wreak your stuff...
    I can't belive that Tenna come? have cats too so you will never get away from cleaning up poop and to love that job..not!

  2. he-he-he

    The satisfaction.....

    What the heck were they DOING in those whites? Mud wallowing? I mean, my teenaged boys' socks look like that....but GIRLS?

    Anastasia could rival your girls in the fake cry Emmys.

    She got two fish out of the river...and I bought her two fish at the store. We now have no fish. Sounds like the sobs of the poor souls in purgatory reverberating from the walls of the house. If it had been her siblings she couldn't have howled louder. And...yes; she could do as well for papers. Papers! My gosh! Of course!

  3. Oh this is so priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm going to giggle all day over this one!

  4. too funny... kinda sad... but more funny ;)

  5. Yikes, I don't know what's worse...the pee or the whites?

    Visiting from Jen's blog today!

  6. The line between good mommy and bad mommy is oh-so-thin...I personally see this as good mommy :-) So glad she got a "taste" of her own medicine. Let's hope the lesson sticks.

  7. THAT's funny.

    Sometimes it's REALLY hard not to rub it in, just a leeeeetle bit.

    Thanks for visiting Weebles Wobblog.

    Your girls are lovely, even if their laundry isn't. :-)

  8. Ha, so cool.
    Oh, and I found a small plant sprouted between two of our floorboards this morning. So I guess that means my house is pretty dirty. I am not sure if I am going to post that pic on my blog though.

  9. Hee hee - I think sometimes it's totally appropriate to say "See how that feels???"

    And hey, at least you separate your whites in order to bleach them. I often don't discover the filthy socks until they've come through the dryer, and then I unroll them to find nice "clean" sand all wadded up inside them!

    Please come over to my blog - I have an award for you. :)


  10. Hee hee, we have stayed pee-free for several more days.
    Teena likes to wait until the coast is clear to have her pee accidents, less competition for attention. HA HA, No, that's not true. She has a urinary reflux that causes her to feel like she needs to go, but then not need to, then it collects and whoosh, it all wants to come out at once really fast. There is surgery for it but we are not doing it yet.
    About half of my cats have been pee- ers. I am really starting to despise it!
    Foliage growing in your floor, now thats a new one. I am almost jealous!

  11. You're evil. That's why I find your blog so engaging.
    Poor Genea! Someone urinated on her possessions! Karma's a bitch, innit?


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