Saturday, June 13, 2009

Things could be worse.

I could be having this mom's day.

Parenting the Hoovers

You have to scroll down to see all the pictures. You really want to see them. And, go potty before you read so you don't pee yourself laughing.

(Is it bad that I now warn the general public they better go potty or face the consequences?)


  1. Oh is a good thing not to be the Hoover's today!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Coincidentally we just bought an "outdoor playpen" today...and it has been up and ready for injury for about an hour. Just as I thought it is six of one half-dozen of another (expressions of delight/complaints of one sort or another)

  3. Yep, we just got one too. The girls were in one recently and I think they went to heaven. Seriously. So my parents bought it for a birthday gift (thanks mom!!!). Now we got to set it up, but first have to kick swine flu ass.

  4. Well, we just learned that our insurance company prohibits trampolines on our property. Ha! If you look at those pictures, there's no hiding that damn thing. My agent here told me not to mention it when I talk to the adjustor. Uh, yeah. Right! Trampoline? What trampoline? I don't know what IN the world you're talking about. Oh, you mean that round thing that is under the tree. Honey, I'm pretty sure that's a UFO that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

  5. Found your blog thanks to the Hoover mom's and will definitely be keeping up!

    Get well, and good luck with all the hoopla :)


  6. Sergei and Ilya set up the whole thing. Wow; handy teen boys are GREAT!

  7. ANNIE shut UP! Ok, send them here!
    Hi Lucy and Ethel- thanks for coming!
    Still feeling (cough cough) under the weather you know. Achoo!


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