Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dire miscalculation, dinner at La Chuck.

Someone should really let someone at Girl Scouts know about this. As you can see, they flipped the serving size with the number of servings in the box so they are reversed.

Someone should probably be fired over this. There is no way I could have ingested 7 servings in one sitting (ie., the whole dang box) for a total calorie count of over 1000. TWO servings, okay, I admit to overindulging a BIT and taking in TWO servings but it was over a long stretch of time. At least an hour.

Dinner at La Chuck (Chuck E. Cheese) last night. Listen, I know there are a lot of people who think they are too good for the rat. But here in Chez Accident (thanks to Miz Kizzle for the term), we are just fine with poor quality food and plastic booths. It entertains our children so we don't have to. And they get exercise running around! Anyway, they have this photo booth that does pencil- look drawings that actually turn out quite good. Of course, they are meant for *ahem*, smaller people, so I was concentrating really hard on not falling out of the booth and holding up each kid for their turn. Here they are.

Genea on left, Me, Teena, Me. Cool!


  1. I have been alerting the dang Girl Scouts about a problem with their printer screwing up the boxes for years. Apparently their quality workmanship ends at the cookies. They don't do the due diligence when it comes to their packaging.

    I would rather give birth in the woods than go to la Chuck

  2. I actually really like the pizza at Chuck E Cheese, believe it or not. But the noise -- oh the noise -- that place makes me batty.

  3. "I would rather give birth in the woods than go to la Chuck" ROFL!!!


  4. The pizza at Chuck E Cheese makes me want to vomit, but I like to take our kids there. I love to play the games too! We just eat somewhere else, and since we homeschool, we go during time when it isn't busy...(when it isn't summer, anyway). I love this photo maker, we play with it everytime.

    Yalls pictures are too cute! Your girls really do look so much alike.

  5. Hi Essie!

    I can't remember if I've delurked yet, but I'm an avid fan.... Does that sound creepy? Sorry if it does.

    I'm going to follow you now.

    Wow, that's creepy too....

    I'm going to stop typing now....yup

  6. Your girls are beautiful and so are you! Cool idea for a cake.

  7. Beautiful!!!!! Girls and Mom!!!!

  8. Those are really fun (and beautiful!) pictures.

  9. not sure what your on about with girl scout cookies, but the pictures, they're dead cute. I really need to update my blog, i haven't in over a week this whole no internet at home sucks..

  10. Hey, thanks for stopping by over at Mountain Momma, so I had to come say hello. Turns out I have the same Chucky Cheese photo of my kids, and I absolutely love it. Wish I could say the same about La Chuck, but I was absolutely traumatized by my visit there. It was like Disneyland crammed into a small space. I have sworn never to return, although my children are trying to sway me.

  11. Those are beautiful pictures!

  12. I have to visit La Chuck every few months, or I would never have a photo of me with the kids. ;) We love that drawing booth!

  13. sadly we have several of those same pencil drawings hanging on the fridge. I used to be very ANTI-chuck.. I mean I get enough screaming, yelling, running kids in my own house- why would I go somewhere that just ASKS for it. But then I was introduced to the one in a different city.. Smaller, more geared towards the younger ones & even I feel halfways safe letting them leave the booth without me hovering over them (a big thing!). The key to dining ala Chuck is to go when they first open.. Sure no one is really craving pizza at 10am but by the time it gets there it's 10:30 and we can pretend it's lunch. Plus dudes, the place is Empty at 10am! None of the other rugrats come screaming in til normal lunch hours.. So voila- chuck pandemonium all to yourself :)

  14. Thanks! We get the pics all the time, but I usually don't sit in too. I like how the pencil drawing shows no uneven skin tone, runny make up, zits, etc.
    We try to go when it is quieter. I totally get enough whining yelling and running at home too!
    Thanks for coming in Ashley- I have been hoping secretly to get a stalker for some time now.


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