Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Look what I got from Jenny Sue Got Married !!!!

I love to get an award, it makes me way happier than is probably healthy and within reason.

You should visit her blog if you haven't, she is really funny!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!



  1. And you're totally deserving too!

  2. A very deserving award at that, congratulations!

    I think we all love them just as much too!

  3. If I ran the county fair, you would win the BLUE RIBBON for your BLOG!

    You make me LAUGH more than is reasonable when listening to someone else's woes.

    I am SO GLAD I ran across your blog!!! :)

    I don't do the awards...partly because I don't know how...well, mainly because I don't know how.

    But I do compliments. Your get MINE! OK - and I feel like you are a friend, too! A very, funny friend. A friend who I would be happy to go places with because her car is as downscale as mine. :)

  4. Thanks you guys- that is really nice!
    Annie, dear, I am finally just going to say it out loud. You will have a lot more creds if you ever decide to sticker yourself on my followers block! I am always so happy to see you visited and comment. I understand some people might not want to be associated publically with the crazy lady and her accidental kids and curse words. But, there is evidence all over the place so I think that ship has sailed. And I consider you a friend as well!

  5. You crack me up! I just visit you from the link on my own blog. I'll make you happy though - and become official!

  6. Thank you dear Annie! It really did make me happy!


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