Friday, June 12, 2009

Pandemic Participants

We're in with the in-crowd la la la! The World Health Organization has declared a Flu Pandemic.

Yep, we got the flu here. Poor Teena is in terrible shape. She can barely sit up or even walk. It came on like a speeding train. Wednesday late morning she told me her chest hurt when she coughed. By about noon, she did not want to play anymore, she wanted to lay down. About 12:30 she had a fever of 101 degree's, and that was it. She went down hard. You know Teena is sick when she slows to less than 100 miles per hour. It is so bad I can smell the sick, smell it strongly. So we got a Dr appointment first thing Thursday morning and the Dr did a quick flu test, and there it was. Flu.

Now, speaking of karma, I really have to be more careful of what I ridicule. I thought that changing the name of the swine flu to, what looked like "Heinie (H1N1) flu " in order to spare the feelings of the pigs was silly and I said so.


So we don't know what kind of flu she has. They aren't testing anymore to confirm what the type is unless a person is hospitalized. The Dr told The Husband that too many people were freaking out about it. DUH! But, he also said there is no other known flu going around, so chances are good. Or bad, however you want to look at it. Teena is on Tamiflu, and they gave me a prophylactic level of the medicine as well. (How stupidly immature does it make me that I think prophylactic is a funny word hee hee hee call me Beavis or Butthead, take your pick). Genea was just fine and I thought she had escaped it all with a really mild bit over the weekend. But she has a strong fever yesterday and had been lethargic and not hungry. Today she is just tired. we will call the Dr again. Maybe we should just put a tent in the parking lot of their office. We were just there with Teena on Monday, I thought she had a return of her UTI's, but didn't. I had started with some respiratory symptoms but it has all held off so far.

What a perfect day for President Obama to come to town to talk about health care! Which I consider to be absolutely appalling in this country! And will get me started on a rant that may just never end!

Ahh, rants. I feel some coming on matter of fact. I am not really a caretaker sort of person. I am sure that will be a shock. My personality is more suited to things that don't involve sick people, who I mostly have no patience for unless they are my children. I am getting really irritated with people who feel like they can lay down and be sick when they are sick. You know what? There are still 2 kids here and they don't give a hoot about sick, sick schmick, get them some danged dinner! Unless you have oozing sludge coming from the gangrenous wounds on your 4 broken limbs, and your severed spine could potentially skewer me, get your ass up and help with these kids and this house and the cats and by the way there is no food in here the house could be condemed and your parents will be here tomorrow. Not that I am naming any names. That would be rude and inappropriate.

(*sigh* ok, I am complaining about this one husband thing but we are really compatible in everything else like money and parenting techniques etc so this here is my disclaimer but my house is still a wreck)


  1. Essie! Find me on Twitter. Click that little button on my blog.

    I can't figure ou who you are on there and I don't see your button anymore.

    We are leaving in 8 or so for surgery with THREE HOOVERS. If I take another pill, I'm going to be the patient rather than the mother.

    Find me. Tweet me.

  2. Essie, a quick scan of your blog leaves me with the idea that this is the PERFECT excuse to keep the inlaws from coming!

  3. I'm sorry the kiddos are sick, hope everyone is feeling better soon and the visit with your in-laws goes well too!

  4. I KNOW!!!! WHat a score!
    The Hub said, you seem to feel better, you are not coughing like yesterday. I said- OH well, believe me my head is screaming and I am dizzy and so so so tired.
    True, all true. So not cool to lie in your marriage.

  5. I got twitter back on and will probably be using it a lot the next few days.

  6. Hoping the sickies all leave your house ASAP!!

  7. Seems like your in-laws should STAY HOME! Good grief! So sorry for your sickness, I sure hope everyone gets better soon!

    I hear ya on the sickness...I am so not sympathetic to sick people...maybe b/c nobody is ever sympathetic to me. I hate taking care of sick folks...even my own kids. I feel bad about it, but when someone gets sick, I just get in a bad mood!

  8. Surely the in-laws don't want to GET the flu, do they? Seems SO CATCHY (as we say at our house.) DANGER. KEEP AWAY.

  9. Yes, I keep mentioning the contagious period! It is like I am talking to an unsplit log. Coincidentally, mine, which I determined myself, will be until after Monday. Ahem. Everyone else is fine now.

  10. Oh I hope your house is healthy soon. Not good when you can smell the sick:(
    Take care of you!

  11. Hi Essie

    Thanks for the info on toe-walking... I think I can eliminate the ballet notion so now just have to work on which of the others it might be......:))))


  12. tee hee hee - you said "prophylactic." No one thinks of Ancient Greece when they hear the word "trojan" either.

    I'm sorry your little girl is sick - I'll pray for her. Kind of makes me want to get your autograph or something though if you really do have the "heinie" virus in your house.

  13. Noooooooo!! Not the piggy flu!!!

    I deserve some flu karma myself. I've made my share of digs about H1N1. I'm going to go wash my hands now, and I hope you all get well and stay well!


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