Sunday, March 22, 2009

F-F-F- Fundraising

This here, is not gonna be a funny sort of laughing at myself and others kind of post. You can read some of my favorites past entries, the ones where I laugh to myself (for whatever reason) while I type.
An old one, my other favorite parenting style , my recent experience with yoga, or some fond family reflections .
Here goes.
You may have noticed some changes around here recently. I have put in several new features over there on the right.

May I just get straight to the point?

I want to go to the next level of Beyond Consequences training class in June. This one trains in much greater depth and certifies people to teach others how to implement the model. Here is where my new features come in. It is 14 hours of training that cost $495. And it is out west. Far out west. Now, I don’t object to the cost actually, it sounds like a great deal. And I love how the authors do SO much to help people for free.

However, I don’t have that much money. I don’t have money for the training, the flight, a hotel, food, and a car. I figure I will need about $1200 to do this. I will come away with the ability to earn an income. I will also learn in much greater detail how to best help my daughter, which I feel I desperately need. And then, to help other people in the same sinking boat to plug the holes, scoop the water, dry off and head to shore (that’s all I could think up).

I am not appealing for donations. I want to point out and explain some of my new features, so that if anyone were to want to help out my raising of funds, that person would be able to do so easily.

I have a link directly to Amazon. Com. If you want to do any online shopping, you can go straight to Amazon from here. It is the one blinking AMAZON over there on the right.

Also on the side, but down, is a list of the books I own that I use on a regular basis to help understand, or manage, or both, the daily activity of my children. You can purchase any of them for yourself by clicking on the pic.

I have installed 2 google search bars. One is just under my profile and the other is at the very bottom. If you need to search for anything, anything at all, you can do it right here (there).

Honestly, none of these are profitable. They are literally pennies and nickels. I am hoping that it will all add up, but only, obviously, if people use them.

My etsy store, is also on the side line there. I realize most people who read my blog are parents (poor), and adoptive parents (poor and who have recently shelled out 10’s of thousands of dollars). So if you know anyone having a baby or a second baby or adopting an older child, or who has a toddler, or your neighbor needs a gift, or is a grandma looking for a gift, or your co- worker is having a baby and your whole office wants to go in on something to economize, or if you just want to pretend that you worked your fingers to the bone, and knit this very special and precious gift yourself, go for it! In fact, if you like a particular style of blanket but not the colors, I can knit- to- spec, through the ‘alchemy’ tag on etsy.
So that is that.


  1. I will send you cash. email me your address.

  2. good luck with the fun fundraising! i wish i could help you out, i will tell more people about your site, and i will use the google to google.

  3. I wish I was in a position to do some shopping and I would totally click through to amazon. I will be buying some books in the next couple of weeks though and will remember to link via your page.

    Good luck getting the money!

  4. I´m not a mom nor an adoptive mom, but i´ll do my searches via your google bars. I found yor blog a couple months ago, I don´t even remember how, but I love it, and I love the way you write. I really hope you get the money you need.

  5. Hi Essie! Thanks for your comment over at my blog! I absolutely love Torey Hayden - she was certainly a huge inspiration for me getting into this work as well. And, I live pretty close to Glen Ellyn! Nice to "meet" you! Good luck on the fundraising!

  6. Thanks so much you guys! And thanks Lorena- that is a great compliment and I really appreciate it. I even read it to the Husband.
    Annie I cannot tell if you are serious or being sarcastic! But you are crazy anyway! Paula and Stacy thanks for the back up!

  7. Good ideas! I just purchases from Amazon, darn it. I do it off and on, probably more on so next time I do I will do it through you-

  8. Hm....seems to me you need to get over that little issue you have with wanting to sleep at night and teach those poor Korean kids English. Your problem would be solved. And you'd have other interesting ones you could write about. Makes sense, eh?

    I was thinking of doing the same thing, but hadn't gotten to the cost feature yet. Too bad for me; my daydreams are over.


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