Sunday, March 1, 2009


A dry night again.

(is it awful that I am thinking what else can I attack with this momentum?)
(well so be it lol)


  1. I will silently and politely applaud like they do in golf tournaments. Because, you know, if I say YAHOO or something like that too loudly, even typing it, she will surely wet tonight...Mine has stayed dry, too. I am not counting nights, let's just say it is multiple...and yet I can never believe it...I expect there to be pee stashed in some bin or in the corner or somewhere but my urine scavenger hunts have been uneventful. I raise my unused pullup to yours and toast...quietly of course...

  2. Oh yeah....ssshhhhh quiet as a wabbit.....

  3. Well done little one...
    you might want to think about putting one of those mats under her sheet that absorbs pee if she does a flat nappie/daiper.
    i guess you already have some back up plan.

  4. I am so jealous. I wish Phillip would decide to quit wearing diapers. He could care less that he is the only kid in second grade wearing them.

  5. My dry run has ended.

    I have a serious question for you that I have been wondering for a while. Do you think your professional experience as a therapist (I hope I am remembering that correctly) has helped you in understanding or parenting Genea?

  6. We are making a go of it! Now I have to pry Teena's rear end out of her pull up obsession.
    T, thats a good question and I have been thinking about it. I am too wordy to lay it out in the comments, but basically Yes and No. Right. I already knew a lot of ways to help her, yet it took me to the end of her first week before I thought, what would I tell a parent to do here. So I think Mom-ing is more dominant and not much therapizing you can do with a 4-5 year old. But, I think I way overestimated my abilities, and mistook knowledge for experience if that makes sense.
    Hmm, more later.


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