Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Don't Make It Up

I have said this before, but here it is again. I do not make this stuff up.

Remember how my MIL seems to be confused as to my purpose in life. You can read about the past few "gifts" presented to me here and from Christmas here.

My husbands family are Hallmark Fanatics. Multiple cards are sent to us for everything. There is no holiday too obscure or invented outright, and especially now that the children are here, we will always get a big box in the mail. The most recent box was a St Patricks Day box. It contained candy and greeting cards some silly hats and other stuff. The MIL is a "day after shopper", and often tells of her adventures in saving money in the dust of last years clearance racks.

Why yes, that little post note says "For cookies or playdough".
Buuuuh wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahh WTF AAAAAAAAAAhhhhh
for AHHHHHH any one AHHHHHHHHHHH WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
And for the record, there is one thing in this world (so far) that my children are not allowed to enjoy with me in the house. After working for years with small children, I cannot stand it anymore. For those of you People of the Floor who know me from In Person, all together now, what is the one thing I really can't stand at all? The one thing that has a distinctive smell so much so that I can discern different brands from across a room without looking at a label?
Playdough. It makes me sick. And the stench settles into your skin worse than a garlic onion steam facial. So of course in our little holiday box was a variety pack of about 8 different play doughs. Gag. Hurl. Scream.
Here is Genea last week. We were downstairs for the evening when she crawled onto our old papasan chair. She was talking to us when all of a sudden, *poof* she fell asleep. Assassinater of Peace struck again.

Awfully darn cute though.

See, I don't make it up. I have enough real life material for the next 10 years.


  1. Hey, there's always clay, right? :)

    Thanks for the laugh.



  2. I vote for doing a "return to sender" on all packages that are inappropriate. But that's just me and I can be really passive aggressive when I want to.

    I'm so glad you have so much to work with guaranteeing me years of giggling pleasure!

  3. you wanna have some real fun, pull out the Moon Sand. Blech!

  4. Oh my... Funny I have been thinking of getting a set of clover cookie cutters. But I bake. good call I will look for them this weekend.

    My MIL is getting it. Chash! that always works!

    I vote for clay... Playdough does stink.

  5. i love cooking and i love playdough! ok so we are different, you can always give it to a charity, i am sure that some kid would love it...and some mother of some kid. If she asks you tell her that you had a clear out of things that you don't use/need!

  6. Paula, I would be happy to send them all to you. I have some other cookie stuff too! (can you ship cookie mix overseas?)Seriously!
    Actually, The Husband lets the girls play play dough, and I keep it around as something special for whenever we get a sitter, which is maybe 3 times a year.
    Moon sand is horrible too. I don't care what they say, that stuff is toxic. It comes with a playing field meant to keep the sand in. Right. It keeps the sand in if no one is playing with it!

  7. I agree with you completely!

    Play Dough should be outlawed!

    'Nuff said!

  8. Funny. Maybe donate the cookies cutters to school? I'm sure they're always looking for things like that.
    Too bad on the play-doh front. My girls LOVE it and I love that they love it. Keeps them occupied for hours on end and I don't see the mess. They each have their own large jelly-roll pan (I think that's what it's called) and it's pretty much contained to those.


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