Friday, January 30, 2009

stress and stress

Heavy. Sigh.

Genea has strep again. We noticed it so fast this time that even the Doctor said he did not see the usual signs but sure enough that gag stick came back infected. Sigh. But you know what is funny, funny interesting not laughing funny, in the car on the way home I was thinking, this poor kid, she got my susceptibility to strep obviously. Oh yeah... lol... not likely.

Teena told me I look like a penguin doing yoga. She wants a wand that works for her birthday. She has several fairy princess wands, but none of them actually work. You know, like people don't disappear or turn into amphibians. Speaking of yoga, Perky Instructor has a new name. Vicious Yoga Bitch of Pain. She decided to throw in some pilates for class the other day. Pilates sucks. Good crap, who does that to themselves?

My children's grandmother (my MIL)is coming to visit next week, for about a week. She stays in a hotel which does a lot to take the pressure off of me when it comes to the house and such. She however, seems confused as to why I am not channeling Martha Stewart since I am a SAHM mom now. Like the day after my job ended, I should have had an apron ready. Like I even have one. For Christmas she gave me a beautiful cookbook by Oprah. The pictures are gorgeous but other than that, I cannot even imagine what in the world she was thinking. Not one of Ope's pretty dishes had a dancing rat next to it. And you would have to live under a rock in Siberia to not know how I feel about cooking. Sigh.

Segway opportunity to all the other reasons I am not having fun right now. It is cold and it is staying cold and we are all stuck in the house and especially me and Teena because we spend all day every day together and the weather is awful. But, I won't go on. It is all so tedious I will fall asleep from boredom even trying to describe it.

I have a good thing coming up that I am excited about. But, also a little scared of, so there is a stresser there. I asked for cash for Christmas and pooled some other things together and later next month I am taking myself to a Beyond Consequences seminar by Heather Forbes. She does free talks for parents about once a month all over the country, free for parents that is. I wanted to go to to one sooner rather than wait until July for her to be in my area (and Genea would be 6 months older). Since I was going to go, and would have to fly and use a hotel no matter where I went, I thought to myself, Self, why not go to California in the winter! So that is what I am doing. But I am really nervous about going and doing all of this by myself. It has been years and years since I travelled alone. I suppose it is too much to hope anyone reading might be going?
She is a mom who adopted 2 kids internationally and takes a totally different approach to attachment. It all sounded a little too lovey dovey hippie to me at first, but as I was reading her book I noticed there were several times she had written exactly the same thing almost word for word as I had either written myself, or said to someone. So I gave her techniques a try a few times with Genea and it worked. But I cannot just leave that sort of thing and say, woo hoo, I have something cool here. I need to go balls to the wall and understand it all from the neurology to the physiology etc. The why's and how's and so on. (did I sound really smart there?)

ANYway, the cheeks are tightening. Have I mentioned it is not necessarily a bilateral thing? Yeah, so as I am typing, my left buttock has firmed and clenched and I am sitting like 2 inches higher on that side. A little crooked. Off center for sure. Huh. Imagine that.


  1. Which one are you going to? I need about 50 hours of training every year, why not make it fun?

  2. How funny that you brought it up. My husband is pretending he is Mr. Clean today and is clearing out cupboards and pulled out the Beyond Consequnces book that I thought I had ordered a million years ago but then disappeared. Maybe I will actually read it!

    And thanks for the butt muscle report ;)

    Oh, and balls to the wall does sound very professional in a George Bush sort of way ;)

  3. Yeah I thought I was going to be channeling Ina Garten. So not going to happen.

    Wishing I could go to the conference just for your entertainment. Anything else would just be icing on the cake. ;-)

  4. Trip by yourself (BY YOURSELF) to California in the winter...I'm sure there's a silver lining in there somewhere. Do not clench too much.

    (BTW, I have read the beyond consequences book too and found many parts of it helpful and enlightening.)

  5. The BY MYSELF part is the best part. It's the getting to the BY MYSELF part that is making me nervous.
    Seriously, I already have plans for just about every free moment of ALONE-ness that I WILL be enjoying!
    My butt is clenching up just thinking about it! LOL

  6. Darn - I wish you were going to the San Diego one, I'm signed up for that one since it's very close to my house. If I tried to go to the LA one, I would probably not make it past Disneyland...

    Sue B

  7. wow sounds cool. i wish we had something anything like that here.. we don't and if we did it would be in Chinese...sigh. living in another country sucks that way..but hey i have sun shine and warmish air today so that's a big bonus.
    So your not going to take Genea along and say to Heather what do i do with her?? no?
    Good luck and sorry the weather is so rubbish where you are. it's hard to know what to do all day when you are stuck inside...bake cakes??

  8. Paula, were you here? Is there some time/space warp going on? Cuz I did bake a cake. I have made maybe 10 cakes in my life and this was one of them.

    Sue- I really thought about the San Diego one, but I decided I would have better luck maneuvering around LA on a weekend with less traffic and such. DANGIT!


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