Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Dear George,
I watched you get in to that big helicopter. I kept my eyes on the doors. They stayed shut. You did not sneak out.
I watched you fly away, on that big helicopter.
I yelled buh bye as loud as I could, to my television screen. Maybe you heard me.
I waved as you left, my finger held high.
Good luck finding another job. I hear it is tough right now. You should probably tweak your resume.

The Accidental Mommy

***some content removed for excessive obnoxiousness on my part***


  1. It is your blog...Scream all you want. LOL

  2. Didn't he look like he just ate a lemon during Obama's speech??

    See ya later, Mr. Gigglepants.

  3. Hahaha!!
    so funny
    I stayed up till 230 to make sure that he was gone and i'm not even an american!!
    praise The Lord that he's gone.
    At the start of the inauguration i swear he thought that he was getting inaugurated again, with the smile on his little monkey face!

    As for the Adoption, thank you and yes the Taiwanese side is all done...i will have to Start the British side at some point but it's no rush they can't take her from me regardless, it's just a formality.

  4. Love your comment! I was soooo glad to see him go up those steps into the helicopter and know that he's gone for good.

    What a pleasant change to have a bright man who can speak so eloquently!

  5. that helicopted reminded me of Donald Trump doing his Apprentice show. Hmm, another example of someone who thinks way to highly of himself?


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