Friday, January 2, 2009

Master of Something...

This is the girls in front of our little Christmas tree. I only just bought a tree last year so this is our second year with it. I LOVE the little ornaments Genea made at school! We made a bunch of ornaments last year using clear glass balls, paint and glitter. We have not bought any ornaments from the store. So our tree only has what we have made, or what people have given us. Feel the love.

We did our family Christmas on New Years Eve at my mom's house, with my sisters family. We had to reschedule because of Teena being sick on the holiday, and the few days later. So on the drive which is about 2 and 1/2 hours, you would not believe what happened, and I am deadly serious, I am not exaggerating or making anything up, Genea puked all over herself in the car. Seriously. My entire life revolves around puke these days! And then about a half hour later she made That Sound and gave a 2 second warning and I ripped apart my seatbelt and flipped my body simultaneously twisting and ripping my own muscle tissue from the front seat to retrieve a plastic bag from under the seat and to her in the back seat and she puked again but this time it was a lot of puke. And you know how plastic bags often have tiny pin prick holes, well it started coming out the bottom but she was still hurling into the top so there was nothing to do except... jam my coffee mug under the dripping bag to contain the goop.
Got me a new travel coffee mug today.
No worse for the wear, here they are in front of my mom's tree. I like to call it her Marshall Fields tree, but Fields is gone and was sucked up by Macy's. The girls got these beautiful dress- up dresses as a gift. I could have made them eat a healthy dinner, clean their room and do their own laundry for the reward of putting on these dresses.

Genea was fine once we got to my mom's house thankfully! I was hugely worried that she might have gotten what Teena had gotten, but she didn't. We think it was either nerves, or motion sickness. Maybe both.
My goal for 2009 is to go puke free!


  1. You are one talented puke catcher. I am hoping for a puke free 2009 as well :)

  2. Dang. You just can't catch a break from the puke can you? I read somewhere (on someone's blog) that she kept ziploc bags with kitty litter in her car because the litter absorbed the yuck.

    Hoping you have a puke free day!

  3. Ha! So far we are doing good in 2009! I swiped a bunch of ziploc bags from my mom for the trip home but I never thought of cat litter in them. And there was no puke so good so far. I got the ziploc idea from an episode of CSI were a person with an eating disorder saved her puke in baggies.
    Just say no to puke!

  4. Happy New Year and I am impressed by your skill. LOL!


  5. We have 34 hours in a day in the deep should move on down. Lots can be accomplished in those extra 10 hours. ;-)

    My kid goes to bed at 7 and I fall flat in the bed @ 9. Seriously!

    We don't do ALL those things anymore. I am NOT supermom. Tapping, rubbing, practicing, Reiki, therapy, baby time & mini-tramp are our staples now. Several of them she could multi-task and do a couple at a time, like the vest and Learning Breakthrough, or neurofeedback and listening program because they both take an HOUR! No wonder I've been so exhausted!

    Thanks for the snickers!

  6. oh my you poor thing!
    but i have to say i was laughing out loud about putting the coffee cup underneath to catch the vomit..
    oh no.
    I am glad that they are both feeling a bit better...but i've not read the next post so i'm not sure yet. sorry a bit of catching up to do


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