Saturday, January 31, 2009


Teena at the dinner table: I not like this (fill in the blank, I don't even remember) food!
Me: Oh, that is so sad for you.
T: Do I have to eat it?
M; No
T: Can I leave?
M: NO, we are all gonna damn well sit here and ENJOY each other right NOW so quit complaining and knock it OFF


T: are you done enjoying me yet?

Genea had a field trip a few weeks ago. It was a big one that involved a half hour bus ride and bringing a lunch. Now, Genea would do just about anything to avoid changes to her little life schedule. About the only thing she would not mess with is FOOD. DO NOT mess with her food schedule. And bringing a lunch messes up her food schedule. I did every crazy thing I could think of to help her through this one. She was sooooo nervous and soooooo worried about it all. We planned that lunch out for days and days ahead of time. The night before I was tucking her in to bed. I was giving her a pep talk, you can do this, you are such a smart kid you will be just fine etc. I said, you know if something terrible does happen, the teacher will call me and I always have my phone, always (I don't always answer it, but thought, hmmm, maybe not the time lol). I told her, if something happens that is really bad, I can even grab Teena and we will run down there to get you and bring you home. I told her this, thinking she would find it comforting but she didn't, she thought that was kind of a bad idea. I was a bit confused because usually she likes to explore all possible options. But, she told me she did not want me to do that. It would take way to long you see, it would be better if we used the car to drive to get her. You know, instead of running LOL!!! She is the most literal kid I know!


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog...will be checking yours out !!

  2. I just flew in from New York and boy are my arms tired.

  3. Tara is the same way. And Toby, too. He stuffs his pockets full of food most of the time. When I wash his clothes, there is always bits of granola that helps clean his clothes. Tara FREAKED the other night after I had my surgery and I wasn't going to make dinner. God forbid that her FATHER make supper. Crying and screaming ensued and we still ended up with tacos, dontcha know.

  4. LOL - I love the dialog.

  5. for sure, not only had the food better be there as expected, the food preparer best be the person expected as well. Genea has flipped her lid more than once when the Husb came home early, I would run out to do errands and he would pick her up at the bus stop. Wang!!!

  6. Gotta love those concrete thinkers! Don't run too hard mom!

  7. ha ha, right, like I would be running ANYwhere, let alone 30 miles away! She had said, you should bring the stroller and I was like huh? Yeah, so Teena doesnt have to run, she would get tired. LOL


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