Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

So tonite was all about the gourmet Wendy's. The Husband, being a nice guy, got the girls the Wendy's version of a happy meal. It comes with fries, a frosty, milk, cd with games, oh yeah and the cheeseburger. No pickles.

Strange things happen frequently in this house. People fall for no reason. Knock into a wall. Hit heads coming up from a table 3 consecutive times. Teena tonite, sitting on her chair, suddenly and without reason, fell off her chair. She landed on the floor, splat, face first. I think she was unable to brace her fall because she was trying to protect the frosty that was occupying her hand.

It was unsuccessful.

The sadness in her howl was palpable. And piercing. And there was frosty everywhere. Although, oddly, the frosty cup remained upright and intact.

The Husband said, "Genea could you......." and Genea interrupted to say "I am going to", and proceeded to take the cap off of her frosty to share with Teena. Wow.



  1. Aww...well that is sweet!! What a good big sister she was, and I know that was so HUGE for you to see her do.

    My family was in a carwreck when I was a little kid, on the way back from Wendy's. I was 6, I remember there being Frosty EVERYWHERE! Even months later, after the car had been fixed, I was scraping dried frosty off those vinyl seats! Your story brought back that memory.

  2. I thought I heard an angelic choir earlier....

    Was there also a "Touched by an Angel" light? That would be cool, maybe they'd catch on if a bright light from the heavens shone down on them when they did something good.

  3. Just found your site, and laughed and laughed into my morning coffee! Yes, there is a quiet morning with coffee when the kids grow a bit...
    Staying home was a "new" adventure for me ...17 years ago...can I tell decision I ever made...two in college now and man did it fly! So, enjoy!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha. People mysteriously and spontaneously fall off chairs in our house too. One even down the stairs while falling asleep in a time out. (oops)

    But oh my gosh about Genea's selflessness. Such a wonderful sisterly thing to do. You must have been so proud and touched.

  5. What a great moment! Sisters can be so awesome! :)

  6. err.. am i the only one that is wondering what a frosty is?? to me it's frozen drink that has coloured dye in it that also gives it flavor...but surely you aren't drinking that now as it must still be cold right??
    As for Genea, sweet little angel.
    As for hitting heads on walls or falling over, we have the same problem in our house...and it's not just Sarah!

  7. Oh, poor Paula, from the comment above - a Frosty is a wonderful chocolate milkshake thingy, but it's thicker, so you have to eat it with a spoon - very yummy! You've got to have one at least once in your life.

    Essie - doesn't it feel good when you witness your children doing something good and selfless without you having to force them. Those are the good moments.

  8. Awww, that is so sweet. My kids would have just laughed if that had happened here.

  9. Oh, my girls would do that too. Its soo sweet when you see them just be caring and kind.

  10. It IS great when they do something so nice. Without having to be asked or told or any of it!
    Sorry about the flashback Maury!
    I would love to be laughing into my coffee, but right now it would hit one cranky cat who cannot leave me alone, and one small child who needs to sit next to me to watch Elmo, lol!

  11. Sooooo sweet. Hate to think about what would have happened here if sharing were required. Only Ilya and Zhenya would come through.

    I actually witnessed such a fall in my midnight English class today. Korean boy down! Very surreal to see this from a distance with no opportunity to do more than cry out from across the world.


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