Friday, March 27, 2009

Death Becomes Us

Huh. I was reading a bit on this here blog and the author says she often associates song lyrics and titles with what she is writing. It occurred to me that I do the same thing, only with the wide expanse of pop culture references available to me as a studied student of such.
All of which confirms my original suspicion, we have the Super Flu. Captain Trips. Read The Stand by Steven King. We will soon find out if we are among the lucky. Or not.
Lovely picture is our actual death bed. I have an old futon in front of an old tv. When one of the girls is sick I open it up and let them lay down. Yesterday, I was on it with Genea (middle). My right arm is prominantly featured next to Bailey. On the other side is Teena and you can just barely make out Boo Boo's ears over the top of the blanket at the edge. I cannot even die alone.
Eyes are closing....


  1. my mom use to say that when we we kids haha

  2. Hey, Essie, Are you feeling any better today??? I hope you are.

  3. Oh how I feel for you! I wouldn't touch you though..... ;-0

    Hoping y'all are feeling much better!

  4. you poor thing, it must suck big time. UI hope that you irradicate those worms soon and can get back to your "normal" life.
    Ps the cat is so cute. i hope she/he doesn't get sick too! (of course i am fully aware that cats don't get human illnesses but you know you might have bad luck.)

  5. Yeah I think Bailey could have been a model if he wasnt so cranky. He is a beautiful little guy!

  6. I hope you feel better soon!

  7. I hope you are feeling better soon!


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