Monday, March 2, 2009

WHY? Why? why?.....why?......wh..

2 steps forward, 497 back.

Since Genea has rather abruptly decided pull- ups are for babies, she has not dispensed of urine in any way other than the expected general way. That is to say, she be peein' in the potty.

However, it appears that we only get one. The universe has decided that in this house, we only get one good thing. And if we get one good thing, we have to give up a separate good thing in order to balance out. Being as the universe evidently has a sick sense of humor (psychotic jerkoffed basta'd, whatever), we are not people who move up. We stay. Lateral moves only. This is better than moving down, and yet, I yearn for more (ok I can use the word in a sentence but not so much on the spelling). See, it's the kind of thing where if I win $50.00 on a lottery ticket, I will get a $50 ticket for parking in an unmarked fire lane while I go to cash it.

Since all of Genea's powers are being sent to her bladder these days, her ability to oh I don't know, approximate any sort of behavior similar to the socially acceptable or at least inoffensive neurotypicals, shoots off everywhere else. The biggest thing to go is staying quiet until 7 am. Stealing food, rude, snotty, lying, lying again, breaking rules and making sure I see her, all the fun stuff. Gagging on her food, binging her drink, need want need want. Howling, wailing, instigating, forcing attention to herself, deliberate opposition, etc. Right, this all sounds like stuff all kids do. The difference is that a regular kid will have regular moments in between all the wild stuff. The difference is in the duration, the frequency and the severity and she topped out all categories, yay!

WHY can't she have both, WHY??? Why can't she stay quiet until 7 AND have a dry butt? She can stop herself from pee-ing but not from calling out at 5 am progressively louder and more agitated until she is having a full blown meltdown and we haven't even started the day yet. WHY?

The good news is, Genea has not wet the bed or used a pull up since Friday! Woo Hoo- take your prizes where you can get 'em!

She will get it together, I know this. It won't take long and she will be just fine. I just hate to see her regress like this. It takes her 3 times the energy as other kids, every little step is a colossal battle for her. She can't take on something as big as staying dry all night and not let a few things out in between, it is just so hard for her. I wish it wasn't.


  1. 3 times the energy/colossal battle. I'm going to have to remember that one. It's so true.

    She will get it. Hoping it doesn't take too long. In the meantime I'm sending you some homemade chocolate pie through the airwaves.

  2. So sorry to hear it. Been there . . .

    It is nice however to not have urine everywhere huh?


  3. Sorry, we've been doing that dance for 3.5 years it gets old, but it does get better.

  4. Aw, Essie. Damn! I smell what you're steppin' in, but double damn. Why can't people like us catch a break?

    I've got three out of six with bladder conditions that are not genetic but are just behavioral in nature. I asked the urologist what I was doing wrong to get three bad bladders (naturally assuming I had to be to blame). Her answer? Just bad luck. No way I could have caused it. Just got three bad bladders by chance.

    Good for you that you're not taking it personally. You're just living with it.

    Bless her heart!

  5. Sounds like Genea is the yin to my Toby's yang. Between the two of them, we have a nonpeeing sweet kid :) ...or we'd have a constantly peeing RAD devilfest...depends on how you look at it :)

  6. Maybe you can trick the cosmos and try a diagonal move. Not overtly or boldly forward, but a step beyond lateral.

    Poor you. Poor Genea. Hey, at least you can have a sense of humor about it. And, entertaining blod material to go with that dry bottom.

  7. Isn't life grand!! Hopefully one day all your ducks will get in a row at the same time, and she will all just get it going on at once!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. well at least she is dry. no? i guess your thinking it may have been better to stay wet and behavior "normally".
    Try to remember that this rough time will pass and hopefully she will be dry as well.
    Thinking of you in this nightmare time you are having. She just needs to know that she will get attention still even if she is dry. i guess. take care and try to think of it as moving up a little tiny tiny bit, rather than not moving at all. one thing at a time :)

  10. diagonally, I like that, will give it a try.
    Yup, I know she will get through it, she has gotten much better already. And still dry! Wow, this kid has it going on!
    I just wish it wasn't so hard for her. That she could focus on something and not lose others.

  11. I haven't been cleaning the bed up....but from your description I'm not sure this wasn't a diagonal in the downward direction. I got exhausted just reading it, honestly!


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