Friday, March 13, 2009

er- the show, not us

I wasn't feeling it.

I started watching the show "er" when the pilot aired on TV some 15 years ago and I immediately loved it. I loved the plot lines, the chemistry, the medical aspect, the actors, the camera work, the setting in Chicago, all of it.

I have been with "er" longer than I have been with my husband.
I have been with "er" through moves to more than 10 different cities.
I have been with "er" longer than I have fit into any one size of jeans.
I have been with "er" long enough to know when the divorce had to happen that the time had come. The break up was hard, painful, and there was much backsliding if I am going to be honest. The final death- blow to the relationship was when the last original doctor was whisked away to Africa. The plot lines practically decomposed and the chemistry between the actors fizzled and it all flopped around like a dying fish on the floor.

I was looking forward to the last few episodes as the series is at an end. There have been promises of return visits by all the doctors and all the original cast. Of course, Dr. Greene was dead, so not him. But even George Clooney put in an appearance as Dr Doug Ross on the episode last night. (This may explain why he was unable to attend my after hours award party in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, but it does not forgive). And I gotta' say, it just didn't work for me.

Dr Benton was back, and his relationship with Dr Carter had it's old pizazz. The old Doug and Carol storyline, which was so powerful for so many of the first few years, was resolved and showed them living happily ever after. Kind of an old boring married couple.

Just, ya' know, a fizzler. Normally I wouldn't spend a whole post on a TV show, but this one has been one of the only constants in my life for the past decade and a half! It was emotional, and it had its moments. It got good ratings and the message boards I read had most people happy and satisfied.

It felt like a reunion. Like a reunion of all the boys who ever dumped me without explanation. Nice to see them, sure. Right, ok I am so totally over it, it has been years, but I would still want to hear why. I don't actively care anymore and haven't cared for forever, but I am willing to sit for an hour and listen to your story. That's how it felt. And the explanation was, hmmm, I guess the word 'flat' describes it. Bluh.

Well there are a few ep 's left. We shall see.


  1. I am an er fan too. I saw last nights and expected more from it, but thought it was nice to see what everyone ended up doing. Carol was so stiff. But Doug Ross seems to have grown up. and they have "girls" Wonder how many? I've lost my 100% zest for it when Carter left too. But not enough to be an ex-fan!

  2. I kept watching, but it wasn't the same for me after Carter left at all. I kept saying that is when I would stop watching...but I kept on, but missed episodes here and there and never cared. I now have to watch the episodes online b/c we don't have satellite anymore, and our antennae can't pick up NBC. I haven't gotten to watch last nights yet....but I am sure it was a every other episode the last 2 years have been. Not sure why I have kept watching.

  3. I used to love ER but hadn't seen it in quite a while. Then about a year ago I was shocked to learn that it was actually still on! I just couldn't bring myself to start watching again, although seeing the old-timers might have been pretty cool.

  4. You've been nominated for a blog award! Come visit my blog to claim it

  5. Gosh i loved ER,i fell in love with Greys antomy last month as i was able to rent it here, but after just two seasons i think its a bit dead in the water the first was great. ER on the other hand was wonderful, and i agree with you up until the whole africa story line, i gave up about then. i didn't know that there was specail episode or that it was even finishing, as over here we don't get it on TV so i guess i will rent the last few seasons if i can find it. i think i'd miss Greene. he was the best.

  6. Its interesting that a lot of people hung in there like I did, until Carter left. It just was never the same and got all bizarre with stuff blowing up and strange relationships etc. As for Grays, I LOVED Grays the first year, and the second. I don't know what the heck it is now, it has gone off into la la land and turned into a really bad charachature (sp?) of what it used to be.
    Paula, you might be able to get the site which has free access to a lot of American tv shows. Haven't ever tried it myself but I hear it is good. Also, NBC.COM has a lot of their shows on their site to watch whenever you want.
    Come to think of it, I am going to check it out now.

  7. cool i'll try these sites and see if i can watch it. I tried to watch before on the bbc website, but you can only watch if you are in the that doesn't help. its a shame as i'd love to catch up on some English/American shows.As for the 3rd Greys..i didn't even know it was there. i started to go off it towards the end of the last season, but it was amazing if noones seen it they should, one/two episode in the 2nd season was SO good (when she dies ect..)


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