Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No Mama, your undies are not showing

Ya' know, one of those days. You are in the middle of one thing, and another 5 come up. 2 are immediate priorities, one depends on completion of something else, and you forgot the other ones already. The phone rings picking up my daughter from school, it's her therapist so I need to answer. Kids and teachers and parents are flying past us yelling and talking and laughing. At the same time I am pushing the stroller of my 3 year old who is pitching a hissy because she wants to get out and walk. I am squatting down trying to detach her straps and talking at the same time. I go on hold briefly, and I ask my oldest, "Genea, quick look and tell me if my undies are showing." I am wearing a pair of Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten jeans, and they are really low cut. Probably lower than I should be wearing, but that is another point.
Genea, who is really good about stuff like that, she looooooves to help and be needed, checks my backside and informs me "No, Mama, your undies are not showing". Whew, dodged that little humiliation! Shift focus back to the phone... and the stroller straps.....Genea is talking again, what is she saying "....but your butt is!"
Love those kidlets!

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