Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Perfect Mommy

To start, that is not me. My title is accidental mommy. No, the best mommy ever is my friend Lisa. Lisa can tolerate anything from her children. I have never seen her hands clench up into little hard balls of concrete fury. I have never seen her children cover their ears, as mine do, in anticipation of ahem, a sudden increase in volume. Now to be fair her children do seem to be a bit more calm than mine. She tells me she yells, but I dont believe her. Lisa is a Real Mom, the kind who bakes cookies and doesnt have to spend an hour digging in the garage to find a cookie tin.
We are on the phone, and she is in the car with her little boy who is 3. She has given him a smoothie to eat/drink, whatever (see, I would let my kids get medically dehydrated before getting a smoothie in the car. or, anywhere except actually standing in the sink). So chat chat chat etc. Abruptly I hear- oh no, oh honey, awww. Mind you, the tone is the same as it was, chat chat chat etc. Of course I ask what happened? She says to me-- still in a stable, I -love- my -kids tone of voice--- the baby just dumped his smoothie on his head and it is all over his hair!
Now, this is where when you get to know other people, you get a different perspective on the ways of the world. I think most of us would be furious for the mess in the car as well as on the child. I know that I would drop my child off a bridge to wash herself up in the river and leave to go to the car wash (no, not really).
Lisa I think, felt sorry for her little boy for 2 reasons. One, he had cold oogy in his hair and that would have to be uncomfortable and two, he would be sad now that he had no more delicious smoothie.
Like I said, different perspective!

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