Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Day Yay!

Happy new computer day to me! We finally broke down the old one to buy a new. WOw, technology goes fast these days. Our old computer is only 5 years old but so desperately out of date now it is like churning butter must have been in the olden days. According to my tech-o-geek husband it was too bogged down with start up stuff to move pages. Whatever! Hopefully now I can get this blog moving.
We have had a busy few weeks. My grandmother and her husband had a party in Chicago and we left the girls at my moms for a few days so we could come home and prepare the house for my MIL and GIL to come for a visit. They left yesterday and we are trying to get back to the chaos and drama and fits and tantrums that is our normal.
SO- a lot of catching up to do. With everything happening, we suddenly had a recurrence of Genea's former family looking to absolve themselves. I most unkindly told them to keep their guilt and leave us alone. We are using all we have to get through every challenging day as it happens. There is never a break. And that is ok, however old problems are not welcome here.

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