Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Remember the "Roseanne" show?

For me, Roseanne went miles and miles trailblazing how MY family was. My parents, genuine people that worked hard, did not take the time to quietly speak to me or my sister of our mistakes and better choices. No, they came home from work screaming. Screaming if the dishes were not done. Screaming if the toilet paper roll had not been replaced. Screaming for something they made up if they couldn't find anything wrong in the house. My dad worked long hard dirty hours at a job he hated. He always worked overtime, always. When there was a strike, he worked on, having 4 children to support. This did not go over well and he found his rig one day with the engine smashed. And he still worked on.
I think I laughed myself into tears the first time I saw a Roseanne show. I remember seeing her on Carson doing stand up and she was hysterical. There is one particular episode scene, where the phone rings for Becky and Roseanne answers it. Becky wants to know who it is and what does she want. Roseanne throws the phone on the floor and says "she wants you to pick up the phone!" I am grinning just remembering it. Unfortunately, I was Becky. I had that same snotty attitude. Luckily I got out to college and the world outside my Chicago suburb expanded with new and interesting things (did you know that not all highways have lights?).
I do miss that show. Anymore, families on tv have cutesy little kids that do cutesy little things and happy happy endings. The wives are shrill and the husbands with cool jobs are bumbling around the house. Roseanne was REAL and it was brilliant.

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