Sunday, August 31, 2008

I SO did not see that coming!

Wow, John McCain picks a female small town mayor to be his VP! Holy Shit, what a brilliant move!
As stated, I am with Obama. However I do not think he will win.
McCain's choice of Palin for a running mate completely undercuts the domination Obama has with the opportunity to make history. The media has made a constant theme out of the chance to be "the first to.....". Whether with Hillary or Barack, the first woman candidate or the first black (although half lily white) candidate. The momentum in the campaign has swirled around this fact as part of its foundation.
Well Mr McCain undercut "the first to" with his own first and what a winner (for him). She is a member of the NRA? She hunts? In ALASKA? Where she wants to drill up her own wildlife refuge!!!!
She has a wart, that will probably be drummed for the next few months, of firing someone for not firing someone she didn't like. So what. Who among us would not want to fire our own ex-brother in-law.
What I am getting annoyed with is the praise for giving birth to a baby with Downs instead of aborting. Since she is anti-choice, the big deal is that she and her husband found out the baby would have Downs and decided to continue the pregnancy. Listen, there are far worse things than Downs Syndrome. God forbid that baby turned up with Autism, he would not be covered by health insurance. That's right, most health insurance companies will NOT cover medical treatment associated with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. There is far worse than ASD for that matter. But I need to stop this tangent.
McCain has offered up his very own opportunity to make history by electing a ticket with a woman for VP on it. Smart strategy.
Although I will be interested to see how he plans to overcome her lack of experience, when he has used the tact of nailing Obama on lack of experience as a strong piece of his campaign.

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