Sunday, October 26, 2008

THIS is Bothering Me

The tragedy involving Jennifer Hudson's family is desperately horrible. Her mother and brother were killed a few days ago in Chicago and her sisters' 7 year old son is missing. If you don't know, Jennifer Hudson is a singer and actress who is from the south side of Chicago originally and it seems her family still lived there.
The crime itself is absolutely terrible. To describe it, to put words to the emotional aftermath, is impossible. The pure, scathing agony is unimaginable.
What I don't understand is where is that little boy and why is there not a big search going on? There has been an Amber Alert and the FBI is involved I live 3 hours from Chicago (by my driving) and I have seen only the exhibitionist type of news on the subject. Like, this doesn't concern us but isn't it tragic. It has been several days now and again...where is he and what has happened to the little boy? I don't understand how he is involved in the murders. Was he supposed to be at his grandmothers house that day? Or did he go missing from school? Why is there not a nationwide alert going on with photo's and information streaming?
I have to say it, I really do. And if you don't like it, then bite me.
That cute little blond white boy from Nevada was nationwide news when he went missing, what, 2 weeks ago. And I am thousands of miles from Nevada. It was all over the papers, the tv news and internet pages. Updates came several times a day, and even when there was nothing new to report, reporting happened.
So here is the link to the Amber Alert for Julian King:
I hope he is okay.


  1. Gosh that is terrible, i never new that it would be so like that in the US, i'd seen a good CSI program about this kind of thing happening ..(as in the white little boy gets all the adds and tv time and the black, hispanic, asian, kid gets nothing) but i didn't think it would be real. terrible.
    I pray for him. thanks for let me know as all i heard was that the mother and brother were dead...nothing about the boy, but than again i am miles away here...

  2. I'm even closer than you are and I've not heard much either. I did read a story in our local paper yesterday and saw a blip on the news last night, but no details were mentioned as far as what the child looks like or anything else. Very sad. Even with an award-winning aunt, this boy is nothing more than a mere statistic at this point. Very very sad.

  3. Isn't this awful! At this point they have found the body of the little boy just miles away from the first murders. I just cannot even imagine.


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