Monday, October 20, 2008

The War of the Tacos

Everyone with children has funny stories about kids and food, especially if the kids are girls. If by chance those kids are my girls, then the funny part becomes what they will eat, and that is not much. The Husband, he has no patience with this at all. He, however is a boy and like most boys he only requires that the food be done moving before he will eat it. I grew up with a sister and our eating habits were so bad they made the evening news.
(Well, that's what our mom said). So legendary that 35 years later it is still talked about (ok, by our parents).

In my house, we just recently recovered from the Battle of the Rice-o- roni. The adults are proud to report a victory after the 4th appearance of said Roni for dinner. And with the addition of a slab of cheese. And, a reduction in standards. No matter how we got there, the adults won!

So, I made taco's for dinner. Cooked the tortilla's even ! I don't expect much from these culinary experts of refined palate anymore. However, they have eaten these taco's before. In fact, I made up a batch of taco meat awhile back and they ate it. They verbalized their approval. This was the exact same meat. I mean exactly. I had made extra at the time and I froze the rest of it. THIS was the SAME beef!

Sniff. Poke.

Agitated looks pass between the girls. With only the visual cues of their secret language they decide who is going to take one for the team. The first one speaks.

"I not like this"

"Sure you do, you have had it and you love it"

" I not like this taco"

"Just try it"

She bites. Her head rocks back. She gags, and she cries. "I not like this taco!!!"

The other one, we never get to the first bite. She pokes at the shell and tells me, " don't like this, don't like this beef, don't like this cheese. This cheese not yellow, this cheesez white".

Well girls, I tell them, this is dinner.

Later the same evening they find a bag of tortilla chips and launch into the combination Beg-Whine. They want taco chips. They must have tortilla chips noooowww! They tell me, we are hungry! Really.

Remember the olden days before really good antidepressants when parents would be mysteriously gone to "rest their nerves"? THIS IS WHY!

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