Friday, October 3, 2008

Executive Function

Have you heard of this? This is the term used to describe neat freaks vs. slobs. People can be high in executive function or have impaired executive function. It is the ability to make lists and follow them. Make an appointment and keep it and be on time. Never running out of toilet paper. Or clean underwear. Cutting coupons and remembering to bring them to the store and remembering to get them out at the checkout line.
In my brain, where this ability should be is a shriveled up little pea. In The Husbands brain, there is a gaping hole and in Teena's brain, nothing has developed at all.
In Genea's brain, the executive function portion is the size of a muscular fist. I am afraid she is going to have to save us all.
She started school a month ago and she has been mostly on time. We have always made it to the bus stop to meet her on time, if a few times we had to run, well we did make it. We only forgot her meds twice.
She has taken exactly one book out of the library. AAaaaaaaaand, well, we got our first "special note" from the school. The book was overdue. Damn!
The Husband and I sat Genea down for a little talk. Genea, we said, you may have noticed we don't take out books from the library. That's because we are not able to handle the responsibility. Unfortunately being a part of this family means you are not going to be able to rely on us to remember your books, you will have to remember yourself. Our bills are late, we always run out of milk, and the trunks of our cars are scheduled with an archaeologist. Just don't ask us what day because we forgot already. And we lost the paper with the note. To be brutally honest Genea, you are going to have to carry the memory for all of us. It will be up to you to tell us when things are due. It will be up to you to make sure it is done right and all the rules have been followed. You will probably have to organize the clean up as well. Yesterday when Momma was painting your toenails and you suggested we should put down a paper towel- remember that? What we are trying to tell you is that for the rest of our lives together (forever family!) you are going to have to get the paper towel.
We love you. Now go find your jammies and put them on.


  1. I am very good at making lists..its the cleaning that I am lacking in!

  2. Yeah, I make lists all the time, I just never remember to look at them!

  3. Oddly enough, I have heard of Executive Function. When we did the bipolar/aspergers/adhd testing, both our boys showed low Executive Function in several areas ;o)

    lucky me.....


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