Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kids who are Lucky to be Alive

I broke free for a few hours last night. Those would be the bath and dinner hours I was free of. My replacement was in the form of a large male, human, believed to be at minimum, normal, intelligent and able to process information at a level at least a few years above that of the 3 and 5 year old children he would be in charge of.

Sometimes there is a reason for a stereotype.

When I came home I was greeted with Teena and Genea rushing at me hollering "we had pizza rolls and graham crackers for dinner!"

Genea wearing her new favorite pink tinkerbell jammies that I think at this point probably walked up to her and asked to be put on. Teena in some bizarre combination that obviously had come from the back "outgrown" part of the closet where she is forbidden to go.

I would have pictures but my dang camera broke. It only took me 5 sets of batteries before I realized the problem was not box after box of dead batteries, it was a problem with the battery slot in the camera.

So, these poor children have two adults in charge with, we'll say, questionable abilities. You know, I wondered about that when we left the hospital with Teena in the first place. They just......let us leave. With a baby. Who was quiet for the most part when we were in the lovely hospital birthing wing. Probably because of all the professionals around. Same child started crying when we pulled out of the parking lot to leave. She kept it up on and off for a few hours. That turned into days and months, now years. Clearly she knew something the adults in charge had overlooked. Or maybe they just pretended not to notice.

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