Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Most Spoiled Children on the Planet

Not mine! Now, my beautiful little girls are the recipients of much love and affection and toys and clothes. Mine are the first girls in 10 years in the extended family on my side, and the only grandchildren ever on The Husbands side. So they do not lack, well, anything. They have entire storage systems dedicated to their toys, and multiple levels in their closet for clothes. This photo is of one corner in their room, there is a CD player on top. And of course they are rich in all the love and stuff we can shovel onto them!

(And all the attention they can drag out of us with successful whining! Every chance they get to trick us into doing something for them that they can do for themselves! 'Cause we are too tired to crab about it!)

You can see I am not watching Oprah in all my spare time.

We have a family gathering coming up in Chicago and we will be going to the home of the two most spoiled children on the planet. My cousin has the payola in a big way. So when I say these kids are really spoiled, it is not in the "oh mine are too" kind of way. Not the, got a tv and dvd in their bedroom, spoiled. These two little darlings are spoiled in the Mom drives a Porsche SUV way. Seriously.
(Who knew Porsche even made an SUV? The first time I saw the thing I thought they must have taken the hood ornament off of a roadster or something. Isn't that like jumbo shrimp?)

The family dog is a St Bernard. The biggest one that could be found. This dogs name is Rufus. Only the little boy cannot say Rufus. So he calls the dog Bob. His parents would never dream of saying, that's not the dogs name, kid. Rather than correct the little darling by saying, darling the dogs name is Rufus, they decided to change the dogs name instead. Now everyone calls the dog Bob. Really.

The next baby came along and is a girl. She is named for a place in Europe. Not, mind you, a place where anyone in this family has origins. They did not, for example, name the little girl Warsaw or Frankfurt which would have been culturally in our neighborhood at least. She will be baptised in Europe this winter, in un-said country containing the unnamed capitol. In a church that does a special religious celebration in December which this baby will now be a part of.

These examples are the tip of the iceberg. I make these observations not out of jealousy or judgement, but rather out of fascination. And I also think it is kind of funny. So we have this coming up in a few weeks and are going to my cousins house. Which should be fun! 'Cuz my people are crazy! But in a good way!


  1. Can I link to your blog on a post I am doing about disruption where I am linking to blogs that have families who have adopted through or disrupted themselves?

  2. Absolutely!
    Thanks for asking!


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