Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Genea as an Adult

I wonder what my girls will look like as adults. I started and erased this post 3 times because I started by writing that I had an idea of what Teena would look like, but as one of the facets of adoption I would not know at all what Genea might look like. But really, no one knows about either of them. I think it is normal to imagine the ability to predict but the truth is you can guess and thats all. So it isn't any different trying to imagine what Genea will look like growing up.

Recently, we were laying on the couch together and she fell asleep (this is a point of progress for her, that she can fall asleep with another person next to her). And I was watching her as her features relaxed and she drifted off and I think I saw her growing up face. So like any good and crazy parent I popped off flash bulbs at her instead of leaving her in peace while she slept. If I look at this picture and tilt my head to the left, I think I see what is a hint of her adult face.

I guess we will find out in about 14 years.


  1. I wrote a similar post awhile back! (Can't remember when exactly, to link to it, but...) I too wondered what my Katya would look like. I was trying to quiz her on what she remembered of how her birth mom looked, and she doesn't really remember. But then she wanted to know why I wanted to know, and when I told her because I wondered what she might look like grown up, she replied that she was going to look like me! It was really sweet.

    And, I think I can see a little grown-up face in your Genea. :)

  2. That is so sweet! How cute to say that she will look like you!


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