Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Fights

The girls have little fights all day long. I think it is mostly normal. They are not slap you upside the head fights, they are more like quick verbal spats. One of their favorite things to fight about is how to say things. So the disagreement might go like this:
Teena singing: The ippy ippy spider....
Genea: you're saying it wrong, its the hissy hissy spider
T: NO IT NOT the ippy ippy spider.....
G: YOURE WRONG the hissy hissy spider
Me: (xanax take me awaaaaaaayyyyy)

Yesterday while briefly shopping at the mall, Teena and I had a few little tiffs. I am convinced I was right on this one.
T: I want to smell that shirt can I?
M: no
T: Can I please? I want to smell that shirt! Mommy? MOMMY? Please please Mommy? MOMMY!!!
M: (oh good crap) FINE, smell one shirt
T: (sniff)ewwwwwwwwwwww I want to smell another one
T: (doing the stamping dance) I WANT TO SMELL THAAAAAT
M: NO it looks weird to go around smelling all the things in the store!
T: NO it not weird I want to smell it
Who was right?


  1. I say let her smell away. Who cares? :-)

  2. LOL! Good point.
    We went out again today and she wanted to smell some more....why? I just want to know why?


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