Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Few Random Thoughts

#1. The next time I hear the word "surreal" used in a sentence I am going to explode. Now, some may say I spend far too much time watching talk shows and reading People magazine, since folks in Hollywood seem to be the worst offenders. To them I say: Judge NOT

#2. I have decided to market my financial planning strategy. Now that the $700 billion "bailout" is not enough and the economy is tanking anyway, my method is proving even more sound. We have almost no money in a 401 or 506 or LNMOP plan, no indeed.
OUR money IS secure in a bunch of crap and junk from the Dollar Tree.
And it retains its value!!!!!
Now, what should I call it, hmmmm.

#3. I have decided to change the criteria I am using to determine who will get my vote next month. The person who uses the word "fundamentally" least often will be my winner. All variations of this word are included in the contest.


  1. I got a funny email about another financial strategy. If you had "invested" 1000 in beer a year ago, and returned the empties for a recycling refund, you'd be further ahead than if you had invested in AIG or Lehman.

  2. HA! that's awesome. And much more fun!


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