Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it Really Real Simple?

You probably know this magazine, Real Simple. If not, it is a beautiful monthly magazine that is very popular about how to simplify your life in 250 pages or less. At least, I think that was the intention.

But now, 5 years later it seems they have run out of ways to be simple and now are focused more on ways to get them some payola by selling their own more complicated but really pretty ways to put your stuff out of view. I am a person who needs my stuff in view or I forget I have it, so this fancy stuff is useless to me and this might be why I may take a slightly taunting tone when describing this publication. In the April 2008 issue, the 'beauty' segment features a guide to neutral nail polish to match your skin tone, and very simply proceeds to list 40, yes 40 suggestions of brands and color choices along with the useful tip to ''wash your hands well after applying sunscreen. Its ingredients can make sheer polish look dull and grimy''.

Anyway, the mag also has a segment they call the 'aha' use for everyday items, in other words a new way to use something you already have. For example, all those used bounce sheets. You could knit them together and make a ghost costume for your child and she would be the best smelling ghost at the party! (This is me exercising my right to satire, or shit I think is funny that may be not entirely factual- my sense of humor is not for everyone). I actually had an AHA moment of my own but I did not submit it. I will share it with the Internet People of the Air.
Start with a used up sock, cut off the grimy dull foot part and cut a hole out for your thumb.
Then, put your 'I knitted way too much and typed way way too much' brace from Walgreen's on over the raggedy sock. No matter what the label says all of these braces make your hand sweaty. Not with this AHA suggestion! Then you can put the sock top in the laundry and wash it in your $16.00 green laundry soap! In your little green bucket of rainwater! Then re-use the water for your green coffee! That you grew the beans of in your backyard and baked in the green sun using your green hubcap as a reflector! Ok, I probably took that too far. (!)


  1. My Real Simple subscription has got two years left, but all I seem to do with it these days is recycle it. When I do get the chance to sit down and read it I think, "Haven't I seen this before?" and if I had the time to research, I'm betting I'd find the very same things in past issues. No doubt.

    Um, my sister did what you did with the old sock last year for my nephew and my daughters to wear under their mittens out in the snow. Makes them stay outside twice as long as it takes the mittens twice as long to get soaked, plus, no exposed forearms -- bonus! It was in Family Fun, I think. FF is another one that keeps tweaking and reruning their ideas. Makes me want to think really hard about starting up a NEW magazine. Hmmm...

    Thanks for your comment, by the way. I don't get much of those so when I do, it makes me happy. ;)

  2. NO WAY!! They already had the sock idea- that is SO FUNNY! Maybe I will really submit the knit-your -used- bounce idea, do they pay for these things I wonder?

  3. For some reason I am having a lot of trouble getting my comment to show here.
    I also wanted to say I know what you mean about comments, I only started getting them about a month ago. I love to know people are reading and leaving their own stories too!

  4. haha, so funny!
    your wrist is also effected form the carrying of taiwan they call it mommas wrist! aching wrist that feels weak sometimes...another joy of being a mum!

  5. Huh, Paula that makes sense. One day I felt a painfully snapping sensation from the thumb to wrist, but I would have noticed if I were knitting or on the computer at the time. I would quite possibly not even blinked if it happened as I was picking up a kid! It's been about 6 months new and it is much better but still there.


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